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Ayana Thanksgiving

30 Nov

Moms Potato Salad

29 Nov

Ensalada Russa

5 papas sancochado

10 huevos sancochado

1/2 limon

4 cucharadas de Mayonessa

1/2 cucharada de aceite de oliva

Un poquito de cilantro

Sal al gusto :)

Miranda’s Thanksgiving

29 Nov

I choose this photo to represent my Thanksgiving because in my family my father does most of the work. He cleans around the house, sets the table, bakes the pies, and cook the turkey. My mom cooks the rest of the food, but during Thanksgiving day, my dad is working harder than her around the house, my mom is usually relaxing. I also choose this picture because as you can see there arn’t people in the background, or anything formal, my Thanksgiving is just with my immediate family.When documenting my familys Thanksgiving I took pictures of the event, interviewed my father, and collected artifacts off of facebook of my friends statuses.

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Kristen, Thanksgiving

29 Nov

Madelyn, Thanksgiving

29 Nov


Anthropologists on Thanksgiving.

24 Nov

Check out this interview for an anthropologist’s perspective on the holiday.

The Thanksgiving Ethnography Project

24 Nov

Find my PowerPoint presentation here. It explains what ethnography is, and what an ethnographic field collection should look like. It includes the expectations for the Thanksgiving project.


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