Miranda and friends interactions

30 Nov


Miranda WHATS GOOD?! I misss you

Chelsea I miss you too son. I been chillen yo, how you been?

Miranda Same old shitttt, work and school. I just did homework all day -.-

Chelsea Damn yo. All work and no play is no bueno. When you get a break how about we chill, I haven’t seen you in the longest kidddd.

Miranda That sounds like a fucking plan! Hit me up 🙂


juniorkickstartp: yoo i didnt go

juniorkickstartp: i couldnt get all my homework done so i was just like fuck it

straightwavy: haha, your great. how was your day though?

juniorkickstartp: pretty goood just slept od and got my homework done

juniorkickstartp: so it was actually mad good:::: )

straightwavy: good!

straightwavy: son i have my conference tomorrow frown.tif

juniorkickstartp: ooooh

juniorkickstartp: i do not want that ever


Austin: Hi babe

Miranda: Hellllo

Austin: I love you

Miranda: I love you too

Austin: I cant wait to see you

Miranda: Word babe, school and work dont want us to chill!

Austin: I know :/ Whatever. Yo my teacher is blowin mine right now. Shes merkin my life

Miranda: Lmao


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