Bria’s teen communication

1 Dec

Me: Yikes early bird lol. But V is coming baq on!!! Lol
J: Lol I forgot bout dem shoes Shows
Me:Lml yea I’m sure… Too busy occupying ur time with college people huh … Lml
J:Lol iight playa
Me: Nd it begins!! Lmao I could b a playa tho… U can’t :p
J:Lol thanks to u..n ya *coughfrontincough*
Me:What are u implying sir?
J: Its pretty clear
Me: Well I’m slow. Srry if uve forgotten :p
J: Lol ok jojo
Me: So what did u mean??
J: I meant the reason y u cud b a playa n I cant is because u were a fronter
Me: Omg!! U answered my question. For once!!
Me: My have you’ve grown 🙂 lol
J: Lol been grown tho
Me: Yea, in ya head 🙂 Oh, nd happy fatty day 🙂
J:Back at ya brizzy


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