My Conversations ;D

1 Dec

Conversation # 1
Me : Omgg ; your finally 16 !
Kaitlyn : Iknow Rightt ! Finally xD
Me : Aww ; I Miss youu so much babygirl
Kaitlyn : Me too ! I have so much to tell you !! like you really dont know booboo [Chicken Head Voice]
Me:Lmaoo . I can’t handle that. but then again you’ve always been a bird haha
Kaitlyn : Shutup bumm.

Conversation #2
Chris: wassup .
Me: nothing really
Chris: o ii
Me: mhmmm.
Chris: So how was your day
Me: Fine. gotta go bye.
Chris: ii duces

Conversation #3
Nia: Aw thats good. Who sleepin over?
Me: Tiereny
Nia: Aw that’s good !
Me: Yea i wish you were still in NYC and not the south :/
Nia: I no mane i wanna go i know we’ll have to much funn
Me: what ? lol
Nia: i no , i wanna go i know we woulda had fun
Me:haha that makes a lil more since

Conversation #4:
Chelsey : What u doin tomorrow ?
Me:idk; how about you ?
Me: I wanna do somthing i refuse to stay in tmmrw lol
Chelsey: Werd me 2 . I wanna parrty
Me: Ightt we out then :]

Conversation #5 :
Natifah : lol you’ll see it on Monday Madelyn
Me: Natifah please ! i’m begging you i dont want to wait its not fair :/
Natifah:Omq dont beq wait until monday
Me: … i don’t like this .
Natifah: Sawwy yuh kuld see it on monday
Me: Fine -_________-


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