Thanksgiving Interview

1 Dec

Farhan Khan                              Questions For Mom On Thanksgiving


Me: Why don’t you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Mom: Because I am a muslim and I already have my two holidays: Eid and Ramadan.

Me:Why do you think American’s celebrate Thanksgiving?

Mom:They celebrate it in order to give thanks for what they have and they have Turkey.

Me: Do you think Eid (a muslim holiday) is similar to Thanksgiving, Why?

Mom: Eid is similar to Thanksgiving in the sense that it brings the family back together. In that respect yes Thanksgiving is like Eid.

Me: What does the Turkey mean?

Mom: I have no idea. Wy don’t you find out and tell me.

Me: Sure thing. But why don’t we have Turkey at least?

Mom: I don’t have a problem with that it’s just that turkey doesn’t taste good so I don’t think anyone will eat it.

Me: What about with gravy?

Mom: We’ll see next year.


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