Thanksgiving david

1 Dec



game I was playing

Thansgiving day

I woke up it now 10:32

My cousin came to my apartment

I quickly open my computer and brush my teeth and wash my face

I eat some oatmeal at 10:39

I went back into my room and laid in my bed playing video game in my boxers

My cousin come in and start watch what I am doing

I didn’t like him being here so I try to get to leave by call him gay

I use google to proof my statement cause when I type in “Richard is, automatically the first one on the list is Richard is gay

what I did

He start going into a tantrum and laughing at his name. He then say I wish I was name something else

Then he had to leave cause his father had some busisness to do

I kept on playing until 12:36

I soon dress up and went out for a walk

As soon I make a turn on Bowery street, I see this white tent and bunch of people are lined up. It was at least half  a block long the line. It was a thanksgiving feast for the homeless.

I walk around chinatown for half a hour. It was boring day because it was raining,cold and did not  seem that festive at all.

I then wait at grand st to accompany my parent on their errand of buying groceries. My parent made me wore another jacket because I was dress to light for the weather.

I went home carrying the groceries while they have some business to do.

When I got home it was around 5:30

I then went back to playing video games

Shortly at 6:00 my cousin came again with her sister and the mother. to conclude my aunt and uncle and two cousin 1 being a girl despite her appearance and a boy

I then interview her on how she felt about it

After that is done I go back to playing video game ,While she go to another room and play pokemon on a DS

Shortly around 8:30 they left

I played video game until I slept

sorry due to technical difficulty the interview can not be uploaded


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