Binling’s Thanksgiving photo

3 Dec

GatheringThis is the inside of the restaurant Duck tongueit’s duck tongue. >=PRestaurantoutside of the restaurantMenuThis is the menuMix of stuffmeat, fish,vegetable, & jellyfishShrimpShirmpSoupSoup SnailsSnailAnother menuThis is a vietnam menu it what I ate thanksgiving morning

What I did thanksgiving is first thing in the morning we went out to drink tea and eat breakfast but every restaurant is not in use because people are having there wedding the most on that day. A lot of people are not working so people take this change to marry so they can invite everyone they know. So we ate at a vietnam restaurant near China town. At night we get together with our family to have dinner. In China we have a lot of weird dishes like the duck tongue which I don’t really like. We also eat jellyfish, and snail I like them both. In the part of China where I came from our main food source is seafood like shirmp, lobster, fish, and so on.


One Response to “Binling’s Thanksgiving photo”

  1. C Black May 16, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    Wow, you guys have a lot of exotic/unusual restaurants. Lots of interesting stuff. where I’m from we don’t have many interesting places to eat out. In my family, we don’t usually eat out, so we eat what my mom makes or during gardening/hunting season, we eat whatever we kill. I live in a town of about a 1000 people so we do alot of “redneck” stuff. 🙂

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