IM Chatting

6 Dec

Conversation 1

Hawkin: Heyyy ! for the lab tomorrow , what kind of notebook do we need to have ? a graph notebook or a regular composition?

Me: get a graph notebook

Conversation 2:

Me: giants got ball dammit it was a down!

Moore: shut up every giants fan (including myself) should hate them at this point

Me: well than u aint a fan if ur hating on them bro

Moore: im not hating cuz…im stating facts, lik the fact they have BUTTTERFINGERS

Conversation 3:


Me: iight i got it thanks but denise also has ur e-mail so check it and if she sends it to me, ill add it and tell u. and sorry about the extra work i gotchu next time

Maxi: itz okay..loll n okay! denise needa send me da wrk already cuz i dun hve nun yet!

Me: i just read its good but u shoulda told me and i would’ve done it in a paragraph than u would’ve only had to put ur together but yeah good job though its pretty good so all we need is denise’s part so ill tell her

Conversation 4:

Me: happy birthday we gotta hang out soon man

Nick: Yes we do.

Conversation 5:

Neya: so guess what… our next class right? i also need to go to the wednesday class the next day

Me: lmao oh shit i thought they might make u do something like that. But i didnt think they would actually do it lol. But its only one more day so dont worry and hey at least u wont have like 5 kids lmao

Neya: Lmao nah I don’t mind I guess, ill see some of the kidsi have seen for a while. She gave me the choice of staying late instead but I was like ehhh homework

Me: lol so let me get this straight u turned down a few extra minutes with megan for a whole two hours the next day?





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