IM/Text Transcripts

21 Jan

Ivan: Heyy

Me: Yo!

Ivan: Sup.

Me: The usual. Music, tumblr, facebook. You?

Ivan: Home. Bout to go to a party.

Me: Oh, cool.

Ivan: Yerrrrr, lol.

Me: lmfao, have fun! xD

Ivan: No never mind. Not going anymore.

Me: Damn, that sucks.

Ivan: Yerrr, but i’m good not going cause I was gonna go with my dad lol.

Me: That would’ve sucked even more.

Ivan: Yeah. Up to what size you want your gauges?

Me: Idk like a zero. Why?

Ivan: Ohh nah just asking lol. So sup?

Me: Watching Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. You?

Ivan: Watching despicable me. Lol.

Me: Haha, i haven’t seen it.

Ivan: Ohh lol. Its funny.

Me:  Rofl, i need to watch it! Especially cause i think the little girl is so adorable :]

Ivan: Yeah the one that wanted the unicorn. Lol.

Me: Yepp.

Ivan: I’m bored.

Me: Same here!

Ivan: Do something.

Me: I’m going to sleep it’s so friggin late.

Ivan: Alright, good night.

Me: You too.


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