Who am I? Who are we?

2 Feb

We’ll begin class today by talking about the essential questions and the Nacirema reading. From there, you’ll make individual introduction videos for our colleagues abroad, and we’ll come together at the end of class to do a whole-class intro video as well. You’ll edit these in iMovie, upload them to Vimeo, and post them to this website after we get you set up with an account.

Intro video: You should use the intro video as a way of introducing yourself to your colleagues abroad. Who are you? What are you curious about? What do you love? What do you want to learn? Think about what you would want to know if someone was making this video for you. You can use the built-in cameras in the laptops, or you can check out a camera from 405 if they are available. You will edit this footage in iMovie, which I’ll show you how to do in class.

Uploading to Vimeo: You need to upload your videos to Vimeo because that’s how they’ll be shared with everyone. Go to Vimeo.com and make an account using your iSchool email address. From there, upload your video and tag it “the sixteen project.”

Posting to WordPress: Ask Google how to post your video on the WordPress blog. If you have questions about that, ask your colleagues. Categorize it as ‘introduction.’


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