Jesus Camp by Josue Luna

17 Feb

After watching the documentary of Jesus Camp, it showed me the truth behind radical religions. I heard of radical Islamic practices. Such as forcing children on how to use weapons, to kill people. Even though the radical christian faith isn’t the same as the Islamic one, the idea is still there. In “Jesus Camp” the minister is preaching to young children the word of god. Which is understandable, adults normally impose their religion on their children. But, it is through exposure to different cultures, religions, and people where these children formulate their personalities and identities. With their new found personalities, when they become older, they’ll decide whether or not they want to follow the religion they were brought up with or not.

I have no problem with kids spending their summers at a camp, where they learn about god. Honestly, I don’t care because it has no impact on me whatsoever. “You be you, and let me be me.” What I do have a problem with is the method being used. They take children and isolate them from any contact outside the religion. This lack of exposure, is leaving their minds one sided. So the only view they see is Christian one. Everyone else is either stupid imbeciles that should rot in hell, or they’re just dead wrong. This I find very ignorant. No one is right all the time. Parents use home-schooling in order to have full supervision over their children. So that the eight hours of the day children spend in school, are spent at home, where no one can damage that little precious christian mind. I think this is completely wrong. One argument the other side might say is this method isn’t brainwashing, these kids do have a right to move away from the religion. But how can they do that when the only thing they were taught was Christianity. They don’t know how to react with others, because the only people they ever communicated with was other Christians. These kids are like little christian robots, never taught anything else except the way of the bible. Without the exposure of public school and other environments, there personalities are not developed to view things openly and accept them. This is because they have been expose to one thing, their entire life.

5 Responses to “Jesus Camp by Josue Luna”

  1. sme1471 February 17, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    when it comes to religon, i really dont have nay problem with people discusing it, religion is such a deep topic to disscuss about. I mean, it is okay for someone to share their beliefs and raise them but it is that a good thing to be radical and close-minded because you will close-mind your children, thoerfore they will recent other cultures/ religions. honestlty, i do want to pint out that this is JESUS CAMP and so there parents put them thrre for a reason of impsuing religion to thier kid. I fell as parent you should give your morals and beliefs to your kid but not at a level where u tke them somewhere to do such crazy things like odee brainwahing your chidlren. People really have to think about the bigger picture here which is tha reliogion is a very deep concept to talk about and if you are oddde enfrocing them then the kids will resent other religion and be sterotipical its like they try so hard to block away other religlion and say… EITHER YOU BELIEVE IN GOD, OR YOU DONT but you can take away the fact that there is many religions, you cant say one is right or wronng when it coems to the DISCIPLINE FORM of camp, you sould be real about it and let the kids see fro themselfs becuae then they lose their choice. but it is kinda hard for me to wrap these opions in a couple of words… it is to HARD!

  2. reggiemoore February 18, 2011 at 1:14 am #

    I believe that this is very destructive for the minds of children because instead of being let out to venture into the world by meeting new people at school, they are forced to stay home under the watchful eye of their parents. As you said the concept of having a camp that children go to learn about god is not wrong. Rather it is the way that the camp operates which leaves the children with only one point of view and that is unfortunately the view of a Christan. The complete ignorance to anything outside of Christianity in my opinion is very wrong and leaves children basically brainwashed and only able to have one biased, Christan opinion on everything and everything that goes against that opinion is just downright wrong. This makes basically makes children, whose minds are most susceptible to outside influence, into ignorant, Jesus loving clones of their parents.

    Again I am not saying that learning about God is bad if you are a Christan or even go to camp to learn about Jesus. However no one people are entitled to their own opinion and no one should force another person to have one universal viewpoint on the world.

  3. Emily February 18, 2011 at 2:26 am #

    I believe that everyone is entitled to believe in any religion they want to believe. Parents have the right to raise their children their own way and teach their beliefs, but in Jesus Camp, it was a bit too extreme. I agree with Josue. It is okay to grow up believing in Christianity, but to isolate children from society because others don’t believe in Christianity is wrong. The children in the film should at least have the right to practice their religion and experience the outside world. Parents who are homeschooling their children might be afraid that if the children are exposed to different cultures, they might change their opinions.

  4. sap5019 February 18, 2011 at 3:08 am #

    I agree Josue, but don’t forget Jesus camp only shows one side of the story, its an “active” documentary. I know a lot of kids who have a strong belief in god and go to these sorts of camps all the time, and they’re parents are christian but they go to public school and hangout with their friends. The example the movie Jesus camp showed was extreme. I’ve never seen parents go to that extent with their religion. Getting home schooled because your parents don’t want you to be aware of the “evil” in school is wrong but the kid likes it and his parents want it, so for them its a win win situation. It is wrong though in my eyes because the kid will grow up to be closed minded, but you never know what could happen, the kid might grow up to be a criminal.

  5. Alexis Lamb February 18, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    I understand parents wanting their children to grow up and have the same religion as them, i’ve been there. But what made this documentary so hard to watch is not the fact that the parents want their children to believe in god, but the methods they use behind doing it. They are so afraid that one day their children will change their mindset that they block out influences from the rest of the world. Those children ARE being brainwashed because they don’t have any other knowledge of the outside world. They haven’t had that chance to experience it. Homeschooling from a biased parent makes the child biased, and for all they know they could be taught the wrong things about life. The parents are TELLING them what to accept and what not to accept and because of that they don’t have any judgement of their own. Yes yes parents are supposed to tell you what’s right from wrong and even how some things work, but what they aren’t supposed to do is keep you from experimenting and thinking on your own. The children should be allowed to find out for themselves and these kids cant because their stuck in a town thats kept mostly to themselves. What are they going to do if they want to see other places and are surprised that others dont think the same that they do? Are they going to just no associate with them because they think that everyone else who doesn’t believe in god as devoutly as they do are going to hell? Its not fair to them.

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