Alicia’s cultural probes

18 Feb

Hey guys, so during my winter break I’m going to collect information about what it’s like to be 16 in NYC. SO check it out!!!

Day 1 mugshot

Photo 1

Day 2  What are you Wearing?

Well I just stayed home today so i am wearing my sweatpants and shirt!

What I wore

Day 3 Where did your $$$ go?

What i bought today

Day 4 The music I’m listening too

1) I Need a Doctor- Dr. Dre frat. Eminem and Skylar Grey

2) Chris Brown- Yea 3x

3) Lee Ann Womack- I Hope You Dance

4) Eminem- 25 to Life

5) Trey Songs- Can’t Be Friends

6) Jenifer Lopez feat Marc Anthony- No Me Ames

7) Adventura- Obsesion

8) Razah- Rain

9) All Time Low Feat. Juilet Simms- Remembering Sunday

10) Immortal Technique- Dance With the Devil

Day 5 My really blue room
My bedroom
My bedroom
My bedroom
My bedroom
My bedroom
Day 6 So, Where were you today?
Day 7 My Empire State of Mind
Everyday I look out on my balcony and I see this beautiful scenery.
My inspiration


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