Malin Cultural Probes

18 Feb

Hola, my name is Malin
I will be doing different types of activities and blog them, just for you guys to get to know me!

Day 1: Febuary 19, 2011

Daily Text of the day: “What are you doing right now”, I responded… “In seo class rite now”

I am listening to music right now and I wish to share you a sample 10 song playlist, just to give you a sense of the kind of music that I listen to. 🙂 LET ME JUST SAY… DONT BE JUDGING PEOPLE FOR THE MUSIC THAT THEY LIKE 🙂 These are the ones that i can think of but in general i like many different kinds of mucsic, except for it has to be something that i like 🙂

1. My Favorite 😀 ….










Thank you!

Day 2: My bedroom


Day 3: Facebook Places

facebook status,malin,thesixteenproject

By the way this says…
i just had the best piece of stake today that my mother and i cooked together with mashed potato nd carmalized onions 🙂

Day 4: Empire State of Mind, What inspires me: Memories



Memories inspire me all of the time because in reality it keeps everyone alive, because if you cant create them, how can you have and hold on to them?

Day 5: You are what you.. Wear

Sorry i didnt post this yesterday but here it is


thanks 🙂

Day 6: “What it was like back in the day”

Interview with Mom for the 16 project: “What it is like to be 16”

Malin: Hi mami want to ask you questions about when you were 16 years old.

Mom: Ok malin what are your questions?

Malin: My first question is, how did you feel when you  were 16n years old?

Mom: Well, when someone is 16 years old, they think that the world is marviolus, one thinks that everything is going to go well in life, they discover new things.

Malin: My second question is, what privillegeas were you given when you were 16?

Mom: Well malin, when one is 16, they don’t have freedom or privilieges, I didn’t have any freedom because I thought to myself, why would someone even want to have freedom at 16, maybe I wanted to go out, but because of my age, they would not let me. So freedom at 16, I did not have, not even privillages.

Malin: Wow okay, your parents didn’t take your opinions in mind in something that you wanted to decided or do?

Mom: When you are 16, your opinions do not count, because the person who makes the decisions are your parents.  So I couldn’t give my opinion, because those would made the decisions were always my parents.

Malin: Okay, even though I do not think the same thing as you do, I want to change the subject then; my my following question is how was the relationship that you had with your family?

Mom: My realationship with my family was excellent, my siblings protected me a lot, they love me. And my parents  took care of me as well, they loved me, and so I have a strong relationship with my siblings.

Malin: My final question is a small personal question but you do not have to explain to me to much; but tell me a story of something that happened when you were 16 years old, something that you will never forget and something that defined your way of being now.

Mom: Well, it is something really strong, but at that age, just when I turned 16, I met my mother, and that very same year as well I met my father, that I have never meet before. It was something really difficult, because when someone is raised by their grandparents, and they just met their parents then it impacts one a lot, and that is why I try to do the best for my kids, my presence, and all of my time, because when one decides to have children,  they have to have time and education for their kids, kids are the most important that one has in their life, I was raised by my grandparents but even so I am very happy and appreciated by all of the love that they gave me,  if wasn’t to have the educated that I have now , the rules and the morals, all that they raised me to have,  then I would be different.  And I think being a person that knows what is right, formal and correct, with high morals, means that they gave me a good education.

Malin: My other final question and I know again that it is personal again but for the people who will see this website could understand “What is like to be in past”, how old are you?

Mom: You tricked me Malin, *laughter* ,well I am 39 years old.

Malin: Okay, thank you mami for this interview J

Mom: Your welcome ❤

Malin: Okay, bye.

Day 6: “you are what you eat”






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  1. Adrian Pichardo March 1, 2011 at 8:01 pm #

    Nice Post!
    it looks like you worked hard, great job!

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