Ryan’s Cultural Probes

18 Feb

Yo, this week I am doing some activities to gather information about what being 16 (or in my case 17, but whatever.) in NYC is like.

Day [1] – My photo (here), although I am uncomfortable with my face being public.

Day [2] – Today I opened a slip of paper that told me to make a play list of music I listen to. I listen to mostly video game related items and punk so whatever.

I. Howling Moon – Blazblue Continuum Shift OST

II. Fade to Black – Virtual On Counterpoint 009A Arrange

III. Gluttony Fang – Blazblue Continuum Shift OST

IV. Prove It – Bad Religion

V. El Dorado – Agent Orange


VII. Little Busters – The Pillows

VIII. Panther – Armored Core 4 OST

IX. The Rock Drill – Armored Core 4 OST

X. Sand Blues – Armored Core 4 OST

Day [3] – After several days of struggling with my camera I had to go get a replacement just so I could upload these pictures I’ve taken for the past week. Well on day 3 I recall having to take pictures of my room. There are only 3 important components to my room and that’s: my bed ,TV, and computer (2).   Also, the whole picture won’t show up so i can only use links until i figure out what the problem is.

Day [4] – That day I recall just taking pictures of what I ate, which wasn’t much at all. I just had pudding and a sandwich that day so there wasn’t much to work with. Cooking the sandwich part 1, part 2, part 3, complete and obligatory pudding.

Day [5]  – On day 5 I had to take a picture of receipts so people know what I spent my money on. Well here’s the receipts, however they might be hard to see so I’ll just say what I bought. I bought a 12 pack of superior tier Dr. Pepper ($7.61) and later that day I bought a High Grade UC MS-07B-3 GOUF Custom (a model kit) which cost me about $31.



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