Sharon’s cultural probes

18 Feb

Hey everyone! I’m spending the week doing activities.  In order to collect info about what it’s like to be sixteen in NYC.  Check out what I’ve collected:

Day 1 Mugshot- This is me! Check it out here:

Photo on 2011-02-18 at 14.22

Day 2: Facebook Places

I don’t really write posts on my wall but when I’m bored I’ll like a lot of things and post comments on my friends photos.


Day 3: An Empire State of Mind

My dog inspires me.  She motivates me to continue to do homework by doing into this position and giving me a tiny smile. She does this when I’m bored and tired, it always lifts my mood.


Day 4: My Playlist

These songs are the ones I really like or am currently into.

1. One Night Only

2. Something About Love

3. Somebody to Love

4. Tonight I’m Lovin’ You

5. Monster

6. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

7. Ayer la Vi – Angel and Khriz

8. Raise Your Glass- P!nk

Day 5: So where were you today?

This is a map of where I went today.  The red line is tracks where I went.


Day 6: What I’m wearing today.


Day 7: Where my money went to?

Today I just bought a sweet treat since I needed something to chew on while I was in my SAT prep class.



One Response to “Sharon’s cultural probes”

  1. Malin March 1, 2011 at 4:00 am #

    I like the map on ur post

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