Sex, Marriage & Dating

1 Mar

Personally I think marriage is a unecessary excuse just for people to get a hold of things that they know that wouldnt happen if they were not married. When females get pregnant the first thing is they wouldn’t want the baby father to leave them so they want ti get married, or if they have the high urge to have sex but they know people will judge  them they decide to get married and later down the road it doesn’t work out so that is when divorce come in the picture and again the excuse of needing money and getting most things (greed) after you get divorced. I believe if I wanted to have sex with someone who trust and knew for a long time and we both have the urge for it, hey things happen.

Sex is always going to be there but you don’t always have to be married to get some. so what of what other people think because they aren’t the ones laying down getting it done. perform your own pleasure people always have sex. if you havent notice people go on dates and within the next 2 dates what happens?? (SEX) that’s what happens and no one should be ashamed of it. sex is a natural pleasure so you shouldn’t have to hide your feelings from anyone. Its your mind&body use it how you want to. you can be with someone for 15 years and don’t have to be married because you still have the same love and affection for them.

Precious Evans



3 Responses to “Sex, Marriage & Dating”

  1. reggiemoore March 2, 2011 at 2:30 am #

    I agree that marriage is something that doesn’t really exist. Marriage to me is just something that has become a part of our culture and is looked upon as good. Going off of what you said, it is also an excuse to have sex. To me marriage should not be used as an excuse to have sex because as you said sex will always be there and marriage doesn’t determine if you can or cannot have sex, you do.

  2. Malin March 2, 2011 at 3:00 am #

    Hi, this is what i think, i think that everyone is free to believe in what they want to believe in. Excuses or no excuses marriage happens, i think that if ones is to get married then the situation has to be right. Many people take marriage as joke but i do not think it is because i like the idea of building a life with a companion. Even though there are a lot of divorce rates but i am only 14 what do i know about the future, about the sex thing i think that when i am at age and when i am ready that i can focus on that. The fact that people have sex just to feel plesure and not to love is silly pero most people do it. Nothing should be an excuse to get married, do it when you are ready and when you are independent where you dont have to depend on no one else

  3. Alexis Lamb March 3, 2011 at 12:14 am #

    I agree on one point with Malin. Everyone is free to believe what they want but honestly i think that Marriage is a waste of money and time because technically you can still be with that person that you love, build a family, have sex all you want, and do the SAME exact thing you would be able to as if you were married. And if your partner cheats on you, so what? They can do the same thing if you were married too. A piece of lamented paper with both your names on it isnt going to stop them. Being married, i think, is a westernized type of thing and not everyone everywhere does it. You can be partners or “mates” and still be happy. You can still wear a ring on your finger and whatever. Anyway, having sex depends on the person. I think that it should be between too people that truly love each other and plan to spend, if not the rest of their lives, a huge part of their life with that person. But, if someone wants to have sex just for pleasure, i also believe that this is okay too as long as both of the people know that it’s a one time thing and nothing should come out of it. Not while your a virgin though…

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