Germany Cultural Probes

9 Mar

I sent 10 cultural Probe tasks to one of my friends in Germany, who will show us a glimpse into her life and culture. I thank her so much for participating and I hope it will be really interesting for us. These are the Probes she sent to me yet:

1. The task was:

An Empire State of Mind.
Document something that inspires you. It could be art, it could be nature, it could be a
creature … use your imagination. What makes you feel alive? Or what gives you
motivation for something? You can just send it to me and I put it on the Sixteen-blog!
Her response:
–> For me a journey to a foreign state is pure inspiration. At the moment, I am visiting Florence together with my mother and I love the Italian way of living. The culture, the food, the fashion is great! I usually look a lot at Italian women who are good dressed because I think that they have a good sense of style. They combinate very classic essentials with the last fashion highlights which come brandnew from the catwalks in Milan.
Aspecially in Florence you can find beautiful brands with gorgeous store concepts. There is a museum by Salvatore Ferragamo where you can discover the history of this old fashion label. While touring through an ancient Palazzo you find the design models of the foot shape from Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe, Jacky O. etc who were clients of that brand. Also the evolution of fashion is so interesting for me!
My motivation I find mostly after a walk or after sport at the fresh air because my brain gets more supplied with blood which makes me more active.
But to be honest, I am not always that consequent… 😉
Favourite Places:
1. Picture
Le Palais Royale is one of my favourite places because I love Paris in      general and I like the Imagination that 400 years ago great architects or the king’s advisors walked through this beautiful garden. When you visit Paris you must go there! It’s magnificent with all the little shops under the arcades and cute cafés.

2. Old Dehli:
The ancient neighbour hood of Old Dehli is so unbelievable! Everybody is busy  selling typical Indian food or other little presents. At first I was so captivated (actually in a bad way) by the difference between poor and rich, a totally foreign culture etc. But now I really want to go there again and discover more of incredible India!

3. Ponte Neuf:
This picture is amazing! –> Paris is amazing!


My Weekend starts exactelly at 13.15 pm! 🙂 Usually I go with friends to lunch or with my mother. Afterwards I am hanging around at home, I watch GossipGirl, TheHills, Californication (I love American series!), read the newspapers or have a nap because I am so stressed out from the tough week. In the evening I would cook with my friends or my parents at home or we go out in my favourite restaurant. Sometimes I invite my friends over to my place and we drink some cocktails and talk, sometimes my parents take me to some fashion/social/art-events, sometimes we go out with a big group of friends to a bar etc, or if the tiredness conquers me I stay in and watch a movie…Saturday I sleep as long as I want! Finally! 🙂 Then I have breakfast with my parents, and afterwards I go to the city shopping with my friend or we grap a coffee or I go jogging with my dad when the weather is good or…or…or… Saturday evening I am really lazy so I join my parents to a dinner at our friends‘ house or a I invite a friend for a sleepover. Sunday I try to get up already at 8.30 am or 9 am so I can go for a walk with my dog for 1 to 2 hours. Unfortunately the rest of the day I must do my homework or study for a soon test…

Closer – Kings of Leon:


VCR – The xx:


Sugar  – Dapayk & Padberg:


Paper Planes – MIA:


Just Tonight – The Pretty Reckless:


Opposite of Adults – Chiddy Bang:


Physical Motion – Jimmy Edgar:


Raise your weapon – Deadmau5:


You’ve got me wrapped around your little finger – Beth Rowley:


House’llelujah – Stromae:


Rail de musique – Stromae:


Dockyard – Paul Kalkbrenner:


Dark Fantasy – Kanye West:


Quelqu’un m’a dit – Carla Bruni;


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