Hey, 16! Reminders about the break activity…

16 Apr

Hey 16! Just a couple of reminders about the activity this week:
Some activities may ask you to document your activities all day, so please make sure to select your activity in the morning so you have all day to think about it.

Remember that you need to update your Cultural Probes post every day – do not create a new post. Check out Omar’s for an example:https://thesixteenproject.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/omars-cultural-probes/

Also, when you’re posting links, include a space above and below the URL so that whatever you’re posting (video, photo) appears on the site instead of appearing as a link. (See Omar’s videos.) That would look like this when you’re posting:

* * *Hey, check out my playlist!
1) Gaga.


2) Naz

Have fun!


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