Kelly’s Cultural Probes

16 Apr

Hello, I’m on springbreak in new york and spending my week and few days on activities everyday for hmw, please enjoy ❤

Day 1: Mug Shot
Kelly's Mugshot

Day 2: My Playlist
I listen to a lot of japanese music because I'm a fan of anime, so J-pop, J-rock, etc. also American rock too…

1. Shiver by the gazette

2. Kimi ni todoke by Tanizawa Tomofumi

3. Fallen Angel by Aimee B

4. E.T by Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

5. Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden


7.Night of the Hunter by Thirty Seconds to Mars

8. Shissou by Vic Mignogna

9. Kuusou Rumba by by Kenji Ōtsuki featuring Ai Nonaka, Marina Inoue, Yū Kobayashi, Miyuki Sawashiro and Ryōko Shintani

10. Zetsubou Billy by Maximum The Hormone

Day 3: Food~

Breakfast: cereal (any of this is good but very small portions)
Kelly's Usual Breakfast...
Snacks: Cookies :3 (Sorry I love sweets ❤ I would be consider a Lolita very small portions)
Kelly's snack :3
Dinner: Mac & Cheese with a small steak
Kelly's Dinner

Day 4: Room?
Kelly's Bedroom
Kelly's Bedroom
Kelly's Bedroom
Kelly's Bedroom
Kelly's Bedroom
Kelly's Bedroom
Kelly's Bedroom

Day 4: An Empire State of Mind
For this I had difficulties so I just end up making a collages of my photos
My Family inspires me, so does my cat (R.I.P), My friends always inspires me, Anime and Deviant art does too, and finally my best friend inspires me a lot ❤

Day 5: Fb Status
^////^;;; hehe I miss my buddy Adam

Day 6: Clothing
Picture 1033
Usually I always wear dark clothing, but today I wore light to go with my mood so basically I always go with my mood to fix my clothing style


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