Jackson’s Cultural Probes

19 Apr

Here are my spring break cultural probes

Day 1: Mugshot

Jackson's mugshot

Day 2: My food

My lunch, I had a taco with some chips and salsa/salsa verde.

Jackson's lunch

Later that day I had a snack of chips and hot sauce. (For some reason I was having a very Hispanic day..)

Jackson's snack

I then later had a Chewy bar.  Because Chewy bars are beast

Another one of Jackson's snacks

Then for dinner I had a stew.  (It looks really gross in the picture. But it wasn’t)

Jackson's dinner

Day 3: My playlist

These are the songs I have been listening to recently.  (In no particular order)

Mac Miller- Wake Up

Mac Miller- The Spins

Wiz Khalifa- B.A.R (Burn After Rolling)

B.o.B- The rain

Masspike Miles ft. Rick Ross-Nasty

Kid Cudi-The Prayer

Chiddy Bang-All Things Go

Zion I & The Grouch-Rockit Man

Fortune Family-Take Me Away

Tyler the Creator-Yonkers

Tyler the Creator-Bastard

Day 4: My room

My chair

My chair

My bed 🙂

My bed

My monitor/tv and of course my xbox and BlackOps

My monitor/tv and my xbox/black ops

This was a rubbing off of an ancient knights tomb….dont ask why I have it

A rubbing

My Computer/my prized possession

My computer

My computer

Day 5: My outfit

My outfit for today

Day 6: My Facebook status

I was hacked…

(Edited for school purposes..)

Hacked Facebook

Day 7: My map

I walked from my friends house, to mine, then down to 42nd than back home.

My walk


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