Katherine’s Spring Break Activities

21 Apr

Day 1 – Current Playlist

1) Keep Holding On – Avril Lavigne

2) Fall to Pieces – Avril Lavigne

3) Syndicate – The Fray

4) Candles – Hey Monday

5) Come on Get Higher – Matt Nathanson

6) For the First Time – The Script

7) Who Say – Selena Gomez

8) Dancing Crazy – Miranda Corgrove



Day 2 – What I ate…

Cereal for breakfast


Egg Sandwhich for lunch

egg sandwhich

2 slices of cantaloupe for a snack


and chicken/ salad for dinner

chicken and salad

Day 3 – My inspiration

Reading would be my inspiration and this is a picture of the last book I read and one of the most touching. Recommend to everyone but it would be helpful to read the first one called Life as I Knew it and second one called, the Dead and the Gone.


Day 4 – What I wear… comfortable cholthing, usually a shirt jeans and sneakers, like the picture below. Not the best outfit or picture but thats what’s comfortable.

what i wear


Day 5 – Most recent Facbook status…

facebook status

Day 6 – Where did I go today…  the places my sister took me to.

where did i go


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