Lizzy’s Cultural Probes

27 Apr


Day 1: My Playlist. These are some of the most played songs in my itunes.

1. Ordinary Day – Emilie Mover

2. For the First Time – The Script

3. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

4. Cosmic Love – Florence and The Machine

5. Oh Darling – Plug in Stereo ft. Cady Groves

6. The Invasion(Hero) – Trip Lee ft. Jai

7.  Time After Time – Quietdrive

8. Feel Love – Sean Garrett ft. J Cole

9. Drops of Jupiter – Train

Day 2: You are what you…wear?

I always wear colorful clothing. I love to wear dresses and its even better when the weather is dress worthy.

Day 3: You are what you…eat? I don’t really eat much and I’m picky so I’m not a very interesting eater, not even sure if I should be. I eat a lot of bread and junk food though.

Day 4: ZzzzzzzZZZzz. My room is very messy. I went through a phase where i thought i was artistic which explains a lot. I share a room but my sister is moving so in a year this is gonna look very different.

Day 5: My Facebook Status. I live my life off of facebook and its cool that I get to show how goofy my family is and I like to put my favorite music lyrics and stuff that I just think but I don’t have the time to tell everyone that I know.

Day 6: What was it like back in the day? Audio won’t upload but I interviewed my brother who seems to feel that being 16 isn’t a time of mistakes but a time to finally get it all right. Strange take on things don’t you think?


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