Culture Bound Disorders

16 Oct

For this assignment you will choose 4 culture bound disorders and (1) write the name of the disorder, (2) the culture where it is found, (3) a description of the disorder, (4) an explanation of why it is significant to that particular culture, (5) what it would be called in the US, (6) and whether or not you believe it actually exists. Include your response in the comment section of this post.

Choose at least 2 disorders from the following list: Amok, Anorexia Nervosa, Latah, Koro, Windigo, Kitsunetsuki and Pibloktoq

You can find a list of other “Culture Bound” disorders on the following websites:


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  1. kylespann October 17, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    Kyle Spann
    October 17, 2011

    1. Name –Koro
    2. Culture where it’s found – China, Assam, Thailand, Tamil, India
    3. A description of the disorder- The primary symptoms is that the penis (in males) or the vulva and breasts (in women) are receding into the body, possibly causing death
    4. Koro is sometimes believed to be caused by inappropriate sex, such as masturbation or sex outside of marriage, which result in an imbalance of the male/female principle (yin and yang). It may also be caused by outside causes – a recent rise in cases was caused by reports that eating pork from pigs inoculated against swine flu caused two cases of koro.
    5. Peotomitis
    6. I highly doubt This exsists

  2. JONAHBABiLONiA October 17, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    1:Anorexia Nervosa
    What it would be called in the u.s: Or known as Anorexia
    2:First really established in America
    3:Anorexia is a disease that affects the brain and the people to think that they are over weight so they starve
    4:This disease is so significant because it has a lot to deal with society. Society stresses being skinny so much that girls turn to be even skinnier so they could be accepted by society. In America this is a huge issue because people treat those who are bigger horribly and make those who are not so afraid to be bigger.
    I believe that this disease does exsists because tons of girls and people actually are affected by in such a way that they are killing and fisically harming themselves.

  3. slt4212 October 17, 2011 at 5:59 pm #

    Lianna Turner
    1. Latah
    2. Malaysia (something similar in Thailand and other places also)
    3. Shock disease- basically it’s when you get scared and you jump or scream because you were startled.
    4. I don’t know
    5. Terrifiosis
    6. I believe it might exist for certain people and places but everyone gets scared sometimes and it’s not really a big deal. But it might be for different cultures so I guess it exists to them.

  4. ssr1421 October 17, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    Ehad Berisha


    1) What is my disease? Windigo

    2) With whom does it originate? Northen Algonkan Indians

    3) What are the symptoms? Poor appetite, nausea, vomiting

    4) Why is it significant to the culture? The spirit of the “Windego” is believed to overcome a person’s soul when they experience these symptoms. The Windigo/Windego is a flesh eating monster.

    5) What would we call it here in the US? The flu.

    6) Do you think the disease exists? I believe the disease itself exists, but the back round story that Native Americans believe is false.

  5. sth3952 October 17, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    1. Amok
    2. Southeast Asia, Malaysia (now a days also found in Puerto Rico)
    3. Homicidal and subsequent suicidal behavior of mentally unstable individuals that results in multiple fatalities and injuries to others.
    4. According to Malay mythology, running amok was an involuntary behavior caused by the “hantu belian,” or evil tiger spirit entering a person’s body and compelling him or her to behave violently without conscious awareness. Because of their spiritual beliefs, those in the Malay culture tolerated running amok despite its devastating effects on the tribe.
    5. “Outburst of Rage/ Bipolar”
    6. I think it does exists, but it is rare, and it is not really understood properly.

    • T. puat kuay kuay January 5, 2012 at 3:54 am #

      Believe it or not, those who dont ,come to johore bahru, Malaysia ,and witness it. Young man 25 years old, outburst of tremendous violent strength after a surge of hot energy in the body said the man. Off and on the feeling come and go. Call this H/P +60137777168.

  6. ssr1421 October 17, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    Sara Reka
    The disease studied is called Kitsunetsuki disease, emerging from the Japanese word for fox. The disease was founded in Japan, due to their folk tales. It’s said that children transform into foxes during the daytime, returning to their natural forms at night. The victim is always a young woman. This disease literally means the state of being possessed by a fox. The fox enters through the fingernails or breasts. Fox possession can cause illiterates to gain the ability to read. People with the disease run through the streets, naked and shouting. Foaming is also common, as is lumps appearing under the skin. Since the fox is known for being hungry, people with Kitsunetsuki feel the need to eat a lot. Since Japanese people value their folklore, this disease brings their beliefs to life. This disease might be called “The Fox Terror” in the United States. I believe that this disease exists, the symptoms seem real enough. I do not believe that an actual fox posses women, though.

  7. divnae October 17, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    Irie Kawasaki

    1. Latah
    2. Malaysia
    3. this disorder is most common in women when they are surprised, and overdoing it like laughing hysterically and screaming that lasts as long as over half an hour.
    4. it is embarrassing in public.
    5. over-exaggerating
    6. i believe that this actually exists.

    1. Zar
    2. East an North Africa, Middle East, especially Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Iran
    3. When people believe that a spirit is possessing them with symptoms ike weeping, banging their heads and shouting.
    4. to develop a long-term relationship with the spirit
    5. Exorcism
    6. I believe this actually exists

    1.Anorexia Nervosa
    2. North America, Western Europe
    3. when people eat only little amounts of food because of the fear of being obese, and exercising a lot.
    4. because of the fear of being obese and gaining weight.
    5. Bulimia/Anorexia
    6. I believe this exists

    1. Brain Fag
    2. West Africa
    3. when someone feels like their brains hurt and have a hard time thinking.
    4. People doing poorly in school.
    5. ADD
    6. I believe this exists.

  8. sen1547 October 17, 2011 at 6:29 pm #

    Amok: in southeastern Asian cultures, amok is a disorder caused by depression, and followed by the urge to murder. This is an important meaning to those cultures because it is used to describe a specific situation(someone commits murder because the were depressed). In the US i think it would simply be called murder, regardless of the cause. I do believe it exists because depression often causes anger, which often causes murder.

    Windigo: in Algonquin cultures, Windigo is used to describe the spirit that possesses people and causes an intense craving for human flesh. It is significant to this culture because it is used to describe to other natives why one might have eaten human flesh. I think this happens all over the world and the United States word for it is psychotic.

    Brain Fag: its origin is located in West Africa, and is used to describe mental fatigue and is common in high school and college students under stress. I think this is very common in the US and is described here as ADD.

    Falling Out: a saying from the southeastern part of the United States( mostly miami) and popular among african americans, it is used to describe someone whos body seizes up or is paralyzed and cannot move or speak, but can still see and hear. I think the more common phrase for this disorder is having a seizer or epileptic.

  9. ssf4590 October 17, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    1. Anorexia Nervosa
    2. This disorder is found everywhere around the world.
    3. Anorexia Nervosa is the lack of the desire to eat.
    4. When people don’t eat enough, they start to lose body fat and become too skinny for their health.
    5. Anorexia
    6. I believe it actually exists because, many people around the U.S and the rest of the world get dignosed with it, and can die from it.

    1. Kitsunetsuki
    2. This disorder originates from Japan.
    3. The belief is that this disorder can only be contracted by a woman, and that it is contracted by a fox entering the woman through her fingernails, or breast.
    4. This disease came about because, possession was usually the “reason” why people behaved differently or weirdly.
    5. This disease would be called squinting in the US because the afflicted had their faces look like foxes, and temporarily gained the ability to read.
    6. I believe this disease does not exist, and was just used to explain people who had to squint and had bad eyesight.

    1. Susto
    2. This disorder is central to Latin America.
    3. The idea of this disorder is that someone loses their soul by experiencing a frightening event, and leads to symptoms of unhappiness and sickness.
    4. This is significant to the culture because they believe that fear causes you to lose your soul.
    5. Being frightened.
    6. I doubt that being scared is a disorder in any way.

    1. Windigo
    2. This disorder is central to Native Americans.
    3. The belief of this disease is that, during famine, someone would start eating human flesh to survive. When they eat human flesh, they start craving more human flesh even after the famine is over.
    4. This is significant to Native Americans due to cannibalism that sometimes occurs in tribes during times of famine.
    5. Becoming addicting to eating human flesh.
    6. This isn’t a disease, it’s more like getting used to a source of food that provides easy access to nutrition.

  10. sdb8321 October 17, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Deniece Brown
    October 17, 2011

    Cultural Bound Disaters
    Name: Koro
    Culture: Malaysia/Indonesia/China/
    Description: an episode of sudden and intense anxiety that the penis (or in the rare female cases, the vulva and nipples) will recede into the body and possibly cause death.
    Explanation: Koro is believed to have been cause by inappropiate sex in some cultures.
    What would it be called in the U.S: I dont think this would be given a name in the U.S
    I highly doubt that this exist.

    Name: Amok
    Culture: Malaysia/Indonesia
    Description: a dissociative episode characterized by a period of brooding followed by an outburst of violent, aggressive, destructive, or homicidal behavior. Some time referred to as being cased by a spirtual tiger.
    Explanation: Refers to a mental state or experience that one undertakes causes them to become a either violet, destructive, agressive, or participate in homicidal behavior.
    What would it be called in the U.S: In the united states this would be referred to as, depression.

    Name: Brain Fag/Fog
    Culture: Subsaharan Africa
    Description: a condition experience by high school or university students. Symtoms include difficulties in concentrating, remembering, and thinking. Additional symptoms center around the head and neck and include pain, pressure, tightness, blurring of vision, heat, or burning.
    Explanation: a result of high amounts of pressure. Is often described as confusion, forgetfulness, and difficulty concentrating.
    What would it be called in the U.S: In this U.S it might be called stress.

    Name: Zar
    Culture: Ethiopia, Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, and elsewhere in North Africa and the Middle East
    Description:experience of spirit possession. Symptoms may include dissociative episodes with laughing, shouting, hitting the head against a wall, singing, or weeping. Individuals may show apathy and withdrawal, refusing to eat or carry out daily tasks, or may develop a long-term relationship with the possessing spirit.
    Explanation: A mental disease in relation to the belief of possesson.
    What would it be called in the U.S: Demonic possession

  11. kylespann October 17, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Kyle Spann
    October 17, 2011

    1. Hikikomori disorder
    2. Japan (It effects mostly young men)
    3. A form of severe social withdrawal, has been frequently described in Japan and is characterized by adolescents and young adults who become recluses in their parents’ homes, unable to work or go to school for months or years
    4. Research can show no specific information on why Japanese people are affected by this so much
    5. Being Lazy
    6. It does exist but it’s just being lazy not really a disorder.

  12. josephsimone October 17, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    1.)Ashanti psychosis
    It is found in West Africa (Ghana)
    Description: Crying, screaming, verbal aggression etc.
    This is probably called Tourettes in the U.S
    I believe this does exist because it seems like it could be tourettes

    2.)Brain Fag
    It is found in West Africa
    Description: Feeling very fatigued, having trouble concentrating and having trouble remembering things.
    Probably just called stress in the U.S
    I do believe this exists because people are stressed every single day

    Location: Found in East and North Africa and the Middle East
    Description:Shouting, Head banging, and believing you are possessed by a spirit of some sort
    This is probably called being psychotic in the U.S and might end up in a mental hospital
    I Think this does exist because i do believe people are psychotic

    4.)Hmong Sudden Death Syndrome
    Location: Laos
    Description: A person dies in the middle of their sleep and believe it might be because of a spirit
    This is probably due to the person having some sort of infection or illness. Not by a spirit
    This probably does exist but not because of spirits

  13. sap3786 October 17, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    2.The culture where its found is Japanese.
    3. it Literally means the state of being possessed by a fox.
    4. It was used to describe why people behave differently , un regular and weird.
    5. Retarded/ Crawling.
    6. I do believe that it actually exist because i have seen videos of it happening to people. I don’t think its something to make fun of or think wrongly about the person who is like that because its not always there choice.

    1. Amok
    2. Malaysia ,Southeast Asia, Puerto rico
    3. a psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder. phrase to run amok first recorded 1670s, from Malay amuk “attacking furiously.” Earlier the word was used as a noun or adj. meaning “a frenzied Malay,” originally in the Port. form amouco or amuco.
    5. A unstable emotional killer.
    6. I do believe that this is real because most people who do kill people is because of depression and problems they have against other people.

    1. Anorexia Nervosa
    2. Whole world
    3. When a person thinks that they are fat and don’t want to eat so they starve them self or when a person doens’t have the ability to eat.
    4. Its means that people in the world who are really skinny starve them self or don’t have the ability to eat.
    6. I know many people who are like that and its something that they will struggle with for the rest of there life’s.

    2.Algonkian Indians, NE US and Eastern Canada
    3.syndrome of obsessive cannibalism, now somewhat discredited. Windigo was supposedly brought about by consuming human flesh in famine situations. Afterwards, the cannibal was supposed to be haunted by cravings for human flesh and thoughts of killing and eating humans.
    5.Obsesive Cannibalism
    6 I have never heard of this happening or seen it before.

  14. Kassandra Diaz October 17, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Kassandra Diaz

    1) Name: Ghost Sickness

    Culture where it is found: Native American Groups

    Description: Sometimes associated with witchcraft, and can cause deaths. Symptoms can be weakness, feelings of danger, poor appetite, fainting, sometimes sense of suffocation

    Why is it specific to this culture: Because they believe in these kind of things.

    What would it be called in the US: Being haunted

    Do you think it exists? Yes I do.

    2) Name: Brain Fag

    Culture where it is found: West Africa

    Description: Someone who feels that their brain is “fatigued” which causes them to have bad memory and concentration and difficulty in thinking. Mostly found in students under stress.

    Why is it specific to this culture: Because maybe they have a lot of people under stress.

    What would it be called in the US: Stress

    Do you think it exists? Yes I do.

    3) Name: Falling Out

    Culture where it is found: Ethnic groups in Southeastern U.S. Primarily African Americans.

    Description: When you have feels of dizziness and you collapse causing you to be paralyzed and not able to move even though they can hear and understand.

    Why is it specific to this culture: Because they are put down causing them stress.

    What would it be called in the US: Stress, anxiety.

    Do you think it exists? Yes I do.

    4) Name: Nervios

    Culture where it is found: Latinos in the U.S and Latin America

    Description: Emotional and behavioral symptoms this can cause anxiety, dizziness, headaches, brain aches. Almost like being stressed out.

    Why is it specific to this culture: Because maybe they have a lot of people under stress.

    What would it be called in the US: Stress, and anxiety.

    Do you think it exists? Yes I do.

  15. sjo9572 October 17, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    Disease 1
    2)In Malaysia, Laos, Polynesia, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Navajo.
    3)A sad episode followed by outbursts of aggressive and violent behavior aimed at people and objects. Only occurs among males, brought on by an insult or some form of disrespect. The victims are usually experiencing life issues.
    4) It is significant due to how it could happen often as the reasons for men obtaining this disorder can happen to any man at any point in life.
    5) It would be called anger.
    6) I don’t think it exists I just think people getting mad.

    Disease 2
    1) Ataque de nervios
    2) (Latin America, Latin Mediterranean, Caribbean)
    3) Uncontrollable shouting, attacks of crying, trembling, heat rising through body. Verbal and physical aggression. Seizure-like fainting episodes, suicidal gestures. Though to be a result of chronic build up over time.
    4) All kinds of people can go through this as its just due to anger and situations one encounters.
    5) This could just be anxiety.
    6) It exists but it doesn’t seem like a disease, its like a human condition.

    Disease 3
    1) Latah(Malaysia)
    2) Amurakh, irkunii, olan, myriachit or menkeiti (Siberian) Bah tschi, bah-tsi or baah-ji (Thailand) Imu (Ainu, Sakhalin, Japan) Mali-mali or Silok (Phillipines) Jumping Frenchmen(French-Canadian)
    3)An exaggerated starting response typically found in women. This results in screaming, cursing, dancing and hysterical laughter. Latah occurs following traumatic episode.
    4) This reaction is often so exaggerated that many people believe there is a bigger problem then there actually is.
    5) This seems like just being highly frightened. Psychological trauma.
    6) This is real but it isn’t a disease.

    1)Falling out or Blacking out
    2) Southern USA, Caribbean
    3) A person is dizzy, feels spinning before collapsing, the person is unconscious.
    4) Its strange that a person could randomly collapse and not remember the experience.
    5) Blacking out, Passing Out
    6) It seems more like a symptom then a disease

    • sjo9572 October 18, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

      -Jose Ovalle

  16. Dhensel October 17, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    1. Running amok,
    2. Malaysia
    3.amok (also spelled amuk, from the Malay meaning “mad with uncontrollable rage”) is a term for a killing spree perpetrated by an individual out of rage or resentment over perceived mistreatment.
    4. According to Malay culture, amok was rooted in a deep spiritual belief. They believed that amok was caused by the hantu belian, which was an evil tiger spirit that entered one’s body and caused the heinous act.
    5. Anger
    6. I don’t think thi disease actually exists since it is just someone getting really angry.

    2. Japan
    3.Kitsunetsuki (also written kitsune-tsuki) literally means the state of being possessed by a fox. The fox was believed to enter the body of its victim, typically a young woman, beneath her fingernails or through her breasts. In some cases, the victim’s facial expressions were said to change in such a way that they resembled foxes. Japanese tradition holds that the possession can cause illiterate victims to temporarily gain literacy and act like a fox.
    4. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore.
    5. Maybe Rabies.
    6. Perhaps when rabied foxes bit people, the people got rabies and acted that way. The Japanese must percieved them to be possesed by foxes.

    1.Ghost sickness
    2.Native America
    3. Weakness, bad dreams, feelings of danger, confusion, feelings of futility, loss of appetite, feelings of suffocation, fainting, dizziness, hallucinations and loss of consciousness. May become preoccupied with death or with someone who died. The cause is usually considered to be ghosts or, less often, witches. The person may have hallucinations.
    4. Native Americans believe that Ghosts spread sickness
    5. Depressions, Mourning
    6. I do not think it is a real disease since depression and mourning for someone after his or her death is natural.

    2. Malaysia,Thailand, Fillipines
    3. Latah is an exaggerated startle response, typically found among women. Being surprised may result in screaming, cursing, dancing and hysterical laughter that might last a half hour or more. They may imitate the people around them or things they see or hear in the media. It occurs after traumatic experiences.
    4. it is believed you suffer from Lahta when you are possesed by a Snake
    5.psychological trauma (as Lahta occurs after a traumatic experience)
    6. It could be a real disease.

  17. Dante October 17, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    Person: hi
    Me: whats up
    Person: nothing much
    Me: cool im boreddd
    Person: wack

  18. ssm7369 October 17, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    1. Pibloktoq
    2. Inuit culture (Eskimo people)
    3. Pibloktoq is basically a hysterical reaction like screaming uncontrollably, and depression most commonly seen in Inuit women that could most likely be linked to Vitamin A toxicity. The diet of the inuit is rich in this vitamin and is a possible cause of Pibloktoq.
    4. This is significant to the Inuit culture because it can be fatal and it is affecting the population of this culture greatly.
    5. Disturbia
    6. I think it does exist.

    1. Koro
    2. Southeast Asia but mostly non-Asian people
    3. Koro is the belief that your genitalia or other major body part is shrinking and will eventually disappear and this causes mass hysteria upon the pacient.
    4. This is a significant issue because the patient usually take drastic measures that are dangerous to their health and harm them.
    5. Shrinking Package
    6. I also think that this exists.

    1. Nervios
    2. Common among Latinos in the US and Latin Americans
    3. Nervious include somatic, behavioral, and emotional symptoms. Some specific symptoms are headache, dizziness, anxiety, among many.
    4. If the symptoms are taken to the next level, it could be harmful to the person.
    5. Nervousness
    6. I think this exists because it sounds like something that actually exists.

    1. Rootwork
    2. Located mainly in Haiti and Sub Saharan Africa
    3. This disorder has to do with witchcraft and basically not being able to trust anyone. The person is under the impression that they are under the evil influence of someone else.
    4. This disorder can also result in death and can make people so anxious that they can lose their minds. This can greatly effect the culture.
    5. Voodoo Shoo Shoo
    6. I think that exist because there are people that don’t trust anyone in the world and feel like they are a moving target.

  19. sjv0367 October 17, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

    Malaysia and Southeast Asia
    Dissociative episode then followed by introspective brooding and violent or aggressive behavior …with persecutory idea, amnesia and exhaustion.
    In U.S. it would be called aggrivation or frustration or anger. I think it means the me thing in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

    Windigo Psychosis
    Native Americans of Central and northeastern Canada
    Starts with a state of anxiety about physical symptoms including poor appetite, nausea and vomiting. Anxiety is formed around the belief a person is being overcome by a supernatural monster becoming a Windigo (cannibal). There likely hood of suicide or being the target of violence.
    In U.S. it is an anxiety attack…i disagree with the other world definition of the disorder because the person does not become suicidal.

    Ataque de nervios
    Latin America and Mediterranean caribbean
    Include: uncontrollable shouting, attacks of crying, trembling, heat in the chest rising into head, and verbal and physical aggression. Sense of being out of control and usually triggered by a stressful even within family. Usually act normal after event and remember everything.
    In U.S. its a panic or anxiety attack, i believe in both because the reasoning for both is basically translated into the same thing.

    Rok-joo, thailand and SuUdu (Tamil, India)
    body parts like breast and the penis recede into the body. In many parts of the world the believe the body parts are shrinking into the body because they are being stolen by supernatural methods. And if the body part is returned it is believe that it is smaller or malformed or the property of another person entirely.
    In the U.S. the receding of a body part is based o the weather. i believe the U.S. reasoning.

    Jayleen Vega

  20. thomasmontalbano1 October 17, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    1. Amok:
    2)Malaysia and Southeast Asia
    3) Dissociative episode preceeded by introspective brooding, along with violent outbursts and aggressive behavior, followed by personal experience persecutory ideas, amnesia and exhaustion.
    4) It is linked to depression, and depression causes violent acts towards others.
    5) Murder’s disease
    6) I believe it exists.

    2) Found in Malaysia and Indonesia
    3) Being incredibly sensitive to something frightful or startling
    4) Malaysia might be a scary place, causing people to be over sensitive.
    5) Frightness
    6) I believe it

    3. Brain Fag
    2) Found in West Africa
    3) Person who feels their brains are fatigued. Its associated with poor concentration and difficulty thinking.
    4) People in West Africa might have problems focusing
    6) I believe it exists.

    4. Ghost Sickness
    2) Found in Native American groups
    3) Preoccupation with death or someone who has passed away. There are symptoms which include nightmares, anxiety and dizziness.
    4) This could be significant because people in north america could experience deaths of family members or friends more than other people.
    5) Death-itus
    6)I believe it exists

  21. sks7033 October 17, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

    1. Arctic Hysteria
    Location: Eskimo
    Hysterical attacks when you loss someone or something very important.
    It is significant to this culture because it gives reasoning to why a person acts in a certain manner after a death or loss of someone.
    US Name: Hysteria
    I believe that it does exists but I think that they have a different way of calling things.
    2. Brain Fag
    Location: West Africa
    Person feels they cant think and are stress. Cant concentrate and have poor concentration and memory.
    Brain Fag happens in West Africa because they are put in under pressure to survive and find the tools they need to live.
    US Name: Stress
    I believe that it does exist because they are also human in this culture and there is always pressure to be a certain way. It is natural to feel stress or fatigued.
    3. Susto
    Location: Latinos in U.S., Mexico, Central and South America.
    Fear that your soul is going to leave the body, leading to sickness and death.
    This is significant because it describes that of an Exorcism and needs to be explained.
    US Name:Exorcism
    I believe it does exists.
    4. Ghost Disorders
    Location: Native American groups
    Depression after the death of someone. Feelngs of nightmares, weakness, anxiety, and feelings of danger. You cant eat, and you feel dizzy.
    US Name: Depression
    I believe that it does exists because I’ve seen this in the US. People feel depressed after the death of someone.

  22. sbuitoni October 17, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    1) Amok
    2) Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Philippines, and also in Puerto Rico.
    3) Homicidal behavior, outburst of violence, introspect brooding. Also can experience persecutory ideas, amnesia, and exhaustion.
    4) It is linked to depression and can cause that person to act very violent.
    5) Murder
    6) I think it does exist because many people are mentally sick like that.


    1) Latah
    2) Malaysia and Indonesia
    3) Being extremely sensitive to something frightful or startling
    4) Malaysia may be a disturbing place, so it might be easy to influence someone to be scared of something easily.
    5) Frightness
    6) I believe it


    1) Zar
    2) East and North Africa. Middle East, especially Ethiopia.
    3) Shouting, laughing, head banging, weeping and other demonstrative behaviors.
    4) Being possessed, mood swings.
    5) Spirit inside, being possessed.
    6) I believe it

    1) Susto
    2) Us, Mexico, Central and South America.
    3) Fear that soul will leave the body, leading to sickness or death.
    4) Describe the fear of a spirit leaving the body.
    5) I dont know
    6) I believe it to an extend.

  23. syr4665 October 17, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Windigo Psychosis: When you become nauseous and lack appetite, it is believed that it is a cause of the person being overcome by a monster or a supernatural creature, and is becoming a cannibal. Windigo means cannibal, and it exists in Native Americans from Northeastern and Central Canada. I don’t believe this disease is valid, I think the symptoms are common and the theory of supernatural monsters taking over you sounds very unlikely to me, they describe the outcome of this disorder to be suicide, a very common action that comes from what we describe as depression which can explain the lack of appetite and nausea.

    Pibloktoq: Symptoms of Pibloktoq include, hysetirical screaming, wild behavior, and depression. This syndrome is found in Inughuit societies around the Artic Circle. I don’t believe this syndrome is real, I think it is possible for people to go mad, and go on rampages trying to hurt themselves, however I don’t agree that this syndrome exists. I think this syndrome is significant to its culture because of it sounds like a lot people go through it and it seems like a very serious problem.

    Brain Fag: When someone feels mentally tired, and unable to concentrate. This syndrome is found in West Africa, common among high school and college students. I do believe this syndrome exist, mostly because I can relate, stress from school does lead to me being tired, not physically tired, but mentally, I find it hard to concentrate and difficult to remember certain things. I think this syndrome is significant to its culture because it gives reasoning to why some student are feeling and why.

    Falling Out: When someone gets dizzy and collapse, yet is able to hear and understand what is going around them. It is commonly found in Ethnic groups in Southeastern U.S usually in Miami, within in African Americans and Afro-Caribeans. I do believe this disease is real, and I think it is significant to its culture, because it sounds scary and serious.

  24. sar9647 October 17, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    1. Brain Fag
    2. West and South Africa
    3. Brain Fag is really just another name for depression. Brain Fag is commonly associated with Anxiety also.
    4. Nigerian studies found that socioeconomic status, female birth order, and depression were linked to the Brain Fag illness.
    5. “Depression/Anxiety”
    6. I think it exists, but it is interpreted as something else rather than “depression”.

  25. stl4971 October 17, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    North America
    An eating disorder where a person feels the need to not eat to become thinner. The “inability” to eat.
    In North America “beauty” is portrayed as a slim fit man or woman with a well-toned body and unique characteristics. Some people feel the need to fit this image and one way for rapid weight loss is anorexia.
    I do believe that anorexia exists in the US and that it effects many people.

    Koro is the fear that ones penis or breast will retract into the body.
    Many believe that this will happen if you have inappropriate sexual encounters such as sex outside of marriage.
    In America this would be seen as someone with extreme insecurities
    I do not believe that this disorder truly exists but someone who is extremely paranoid and

    Malaysia, southeast Asia
    An emotional outburst followed by a sudden burst of violent homicidal behavior.
    I think that this is significant to these cultures because it is tied with religion.
    In the US it would be called insanity or psychotic.
    I do think that this is a valid disorder where someone is physiologically not right.

    Brain Fog
    West Africa
    This disorder is where typically high school students are dreary, dizzy, blurring of vision, rapid heartbeat, and feelings of weakness.
    I think that it is significant because it is seen as a weakness of the person.
    In America this would just be a stressed out teen.
    I do believe that it exist and that most teens have had this experience.

    Timothy Lee

  26. divnae October 17, 2011 at 6:58 pm #

    3) When a man gets angry and has an outburst of violence, usually shown by breaking things. The man (usually ages 20-45) goes back to normal after he’s done.
    4) Thinking every young or middle aged man will have a random violent outburst of anger is irrational.
    5) Anger
    6)No, because everyone has the tendency to get angry at times.

    2) Malaysia and Indonesia
    3)The ability to easily get startled or shocked.
    4) Thinking that getting started is a disorder means everyone has something wrong with them.
    5)Being shocked.
    6) No, because everybody has moments where they get startled.

    1) Brain fog.
    2) West Africa
    3) Not being able to focus.
    4) People would have to be treated differently because they think different.
    5) A.D.D.
    6) Yes.

    1) Falling out/Blacking out
    2)The Caribbean
    3) A sudden collapse, usually with hysterical blindness.
    4) The temperature there is very warm and fainting is probably something that usually happenes there and is therefore considered a disease.
    5) fainting
    6) Yes, but it is not necessarily a disease.

  27. skm0263 October 17, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    1) Amok
    2) Southeastern Asian cultures
    3/4) Homicidal and subsequent suicidal behavior of mentally unstable individuals that results in multiple fatalities and injuries to others.
    5) Bipolar
    6) I think this actually exists because being bipolar is not a normal thing to all humans.

    1) Windigo
    2) Central to Native Americans
    3/4) The belief of this disease is that, during famine, someone would start eating human flesh to survive. When they eat human flesh, they start craving more human flesh even after the famine is over.
    5) Becoming addicted to eating human flesh
    6) i dont think this disease exists

    1) Brain Fag
    2) West Africa
    3/4) Person feels their brain are fatigued, associated with poor concentration in memory and difficulty thinking. Found in high school and college students under stress.
    5) ADD
    6) I think this does exist.

    1) Arctic Hysteria
    2) Eskimo
    3/4) Convulsive hysterical attacks, sometimes conversion symptoms following the symbolic loss of someone.
    5) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    6) I think this actually does exist.

    Kevin Medina

  28. smg3513 October 17, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    Melisa Guzman

    1.Windigo Psychosis
    2. Central and Northeastern Canada.
    3. It includes anxiety and being overcome by a monster becoming an Windigo.
    4. It means obsessive cannibalism and how they start eating people.
    5. I think in America it would be called cannibalism.
    6. I do believe this is real because i know of tribes on Africa who eat or used to eat people.

    1. Ataque de nervios
    2. The Caribbean.
    3. Being taken over by your nerves, excessive shouting and crying.
    4. It is significant to the culture because it occurs when death of a relative, but also a divorce or fight with a family member.
    5. Anger management.
    6. I think this exist because a lot of people suffer from anger problems.

    1. Bilis and colera
    2. The Caribbean.
    3. Mental illness due to emotions.
    4. It is significant to the culture because it comes from anger and inflicts illness.
    5. Mental problems.
    6. I think it exist because a lot of people’s mental health are affected when certain events happen.

    1. Amok
    2. Puerto Rico , Southeast Asia and Malaysia.
    3. Having outbursts of violence.
    4. It is significant because after the attack the person experiences experiences amnesia and exhaustion.
    5. Outburst of Violence.
    6. I think it exist because people have outbursts of violence and anger towards others.

  29. sjs5280 October 17, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    1. Anorexia Nervosa
    2. United States
    3. It causes causes a person to obsess over body weight as well as calorie intake. The person deprives the body of food and practically starves themselves.
    4. In the culture it has shaped the idea of what’s beautiful and what and ideal body should look like even if it may cost someone their life.
    5. In the U.S. it is known as Anorexia Nervosa, Anorexia or just Ana.
    6. I believe this does exist because in American society everyone would want to look a certain way.

    1. Depression
    2. United States
    3. It causes the person to not feel as happy or joyful and isn’t optimistic. The person may begin to stray away from loved ones and hobbies that were once enjoyable or fun.
    4. Depression effects the American culture
    5. In the U.S. it would sill be called depression.
    6. I believe that this disorder exists because there are different versions of depression that happen all around the world but it is just called something different.

    1. Koro
    2. Located in Southeast Asia
    3. It is a short term mental disorder that causes the person to believe their nipples or genitals will disappear.
    4. In the culture it is believed that it will cause a persons genitalia or nipples to shrink to the point of disappearing.
    5. In the U.S. this disorder would be called either insanity, anxiety or low self esteem to the point of obsession.
    6. I do believe that this exists but not as a special type of disorder, I think it is some type of mental disorder that focused in on certain areas.

    1. Amok
    2. It is located in Southeast Asia
    3. It is an outburst of violent or homicidal behavior. However, afterwards the person has amnesia and exhaustion.
    4. In their culture the disorder has effected who will be overcome by it first, which is usually males. Also it is believed that it is brought on by an insult or jealousy
    5. In the U.S. this would be called having a violent episode which can be brought on by stress or other factors.
    6. I believe that this disorder does exists because sometime people do kind of snap, and they take out their feelings in a violent manner.

  30. qcorrine October 17, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    1. Name:Qi-gong Psychotic Reaction
    2. This can be found in China
    3. It is a Chinese method of meditation, based on traditional Chinese medicine. folk- beliefs attribute the condition to “adverse flow in the body,” “uncontrollable behavior,” “over-meditation” and “spirit possession”.
    4.It is called”Tai Chi” in western countries.
    5.In my view, i believe Qi-gong is exist because first this is a traditional Chinese customs and this is represent in one of the Chinese culture, and this is really hard and it takes a lot of time for people to practice and to do well in this activity. But if people do in the wrong behave or in the wrong direction , that can caused a lot of problems.

    (2):This can be found around Malaysia and Southeast Asia, also the Phillippines, Polynesia,New Guines.
    (3):Definition:Amok is that dissociative episode preceeded by introspective brooding, followed by an outburst of violent, aggressive or homicidal behavior. After the attack, the person experiences persecutory ideas, amnesia and exhaustion.
    (4):It seems to occur only among males, and is often precipitated by a perceived slight or insult. It is often accompanied by persecutory ideas, automatism, amnesia or exhaustion, following which the individual returns to their premorbid state. The victim, who is almost always a male between 20-45, has often experienced a loss of social status or a major life change. It is now rare, and occurs primarily in rural regions.
    (5).It may called a kind of showing its anger in weatern countries.
    (6).i think it does exist but it is rare to find.

    3.Brain Feg
    It is found in West Africa
    It is that person feels their brains are fatigued. Associated with poor concentration and memory, difficulty thinking. Most often found in high school or university students under stress.
    It is called stress in western countries
    I think this happened very common around students or adults.

    4.P’a Leng(Wind Illness
    It is found in China and Singapore
    Fear that wind or cold will result in a loss of yang and imbalance of the body. The person becomes obsessed with being warm, and may wear winter clothing in the middle of summer, which could lead to health risks.
    It is called people who fears of cold
    I think it exist in many people because many people are afraid of cold weather so they always feel cold.

  31. ssp8114 October 17, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    1. The name of the disorder is Amok.
    2. It is found in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Polynesia, New Guinea(maybe Puerto Rico and Native Americans)
    3. Outburst of violent, aggressive or homicidal behavior. After attacking, person becomes exhausted.
    4. Having a characteristic of a certain action.
    5. Bipolar
    6. I think it does exist because it happens in America.

    1. The name of the disorder is Arctic Hysteria
    2. It is found in Eskimo
    3. Following the actual or symbolic loss of someone or something important.
    4. To categorize how a person acts after lost
    5. Depression
    6. I don’t think this exists

    1. The name of the disorder is Brain Fag
    2. It is found in West Africa
    3. Feel like they can’t think; lack of thinking, stress
    4. Every person has stress
    5. Stress
    6. It does exist

    1. The name of the disorder is Ataque de Nervios.
    2. It is found in Caribbean Latinos, Latin America and Latin Mediterranean groups
    3. Uncontrollable screaming, attacking of crying, trembling, verbal or physical aggression; episodes
    4. The way people act
    5. Tourette syndrome
    6. It does exist

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