Jonah’s Code Switching

17 Oct
ur so effing annoying. Like wtf callate ya! Go away.

me: Nah omw then. Dont be stealing my words hoe.

BFF:Gtfo no. Bye. Adios. Im jk I love you!
me: Dumb b***h ily2  thoo -.-
Bff: ur still oyw tho.. rite?
Translation :

BFF:You’re really annoying. It’s obvious just shut up already! Go away.

me :No because  you don’t want me there then I’ll be on my way over (then calls friend a bad name in a friendly way)

BFF: Get out, no you’re not coming here. Bye. (bye in spanish). I’m just kidding and joking around. I love you (word for someone your close with)

Me: You’re a dumb b****h. I love you too ( insulted face)

Bff: You’re still on your way over though.. Right?


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