“Life in a Day” Response

6 Nov

On July 24th 2011, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their day to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth. You can watch the film here, if you would like:  Life in a Day Film. As you watched the film yesterday in class, you were asked to take notes on the themes you observed in the film and write down any questions that were asked in the film. Respond to each of the following questions in 1-paragraph (6-8 sentences). Record your response as a comment to this post.

1. Discuss 3-4 themes in the “Life in a Day”film and explain the similarities, differences and patterns between what you observed. 2. What does the “Life in a Day” film say about the human experience? 3. After viewing this film, what do you imagine your  final “16” film to look like? What themes would you want to include in your film?


26 Responses to ““Life in a Day” Response”

  1. ssm7369 November 3, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    1. Materialism was definitely a huge theme. Especially having to do with the things that people care about the most and a lot of them were possessions. Eating was an important theme also because it showed the different ways people prepare their first meal of the day and what they do to get it. Another theme was fear, sort of the main things people are scares of like dying and loneliness. But also uncommon things like homosexuality and politics.
    2. The life in a Day film shows the different types of people all over the world and the so many things that they experience just in a day.
    3. I want my film to be very similar to this one in that they both would show all the common things that happen in a day but with so many perspectives. The theme that I would like to incorporate in my film would definitely be fear, relationships, and love. The answers for certain questions from those themes could go very in depth and it would be interesting to hear everyone’s views on them.

  2. Kassandra Diaz November 3, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Kassandra Diaz

    I think some patterns and themes often used were major subjects such as love, food, sleep, etc. The movie basically showed what they did and what they thought about certain things. When ever you see someones life in a day, there is a huge chance you will see those themes/subjects because it is a normal thing in an every day life. The life in a day film shows us that not everyone is the same, every one has a different routine and do things differently. I think that was the goal of the film, to show different experiences in a day in a bunch of different cultures. In my final film I imagine my film mostly being about love, and other peoples views on it mostly because that is the topic I am most interested in. I imagine it showing different ways of showing each other love etc.

  3. sbuitoni November 3, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    1) In waking up: the similarities were that they all wake up yawning, go to the bathroom, brush their teeth, shave the usual waking up routines. There all different though because they wake up differently and obviously act different when they do their morning routines.

    Materialism- the similarities are that people carry a lot of normal everyday needs in their pocket, like a cell phone, ipod, money, small items, wallet. They also have similar hobbies. In contrast, some people carry syringes, guns, religious crosses, heirlooms in their pocket.

    Work- The similarities were that everyone works to get their end of the bargain=money. Some people work hard some people don’t have to work hard and have Lamborgini, and some people have to make money and shoe-shine.

    2) The Life in the Day movie says about the human expierence as a world that I really never knew about. I really never thought of that many people doing similar and different things. It was really interesting and gave people of what people do on a regular day.

    3) I hope my film to show people of what a normal teenagers day is and to see what kids do in general. I think my themes will portray : love, socialism, and friendship.

  4. sen1547 November 3, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    Four themes that i observed in the movie, were waking up, eating, fears, and materialism. Around the world, people seemed to have the same morning rituals, which consist of, waking up, stretching, brushing teeth, washing face, and fixing hair. When people eat, they mostly eat with other people like family or friends, and drink similar things (coffee, tea, milk, and wine). Most people around the world also read news papers or books while they eat. People also have the same fears, and value the same things universally. The thing that people fear the most universally, is harm coming to themselves. That can com in the form of loosing your hair, getting sick, or dying. People around the world also value and want the same things. They value friendships, housing, children and housing, and the usually want money, food etc. What i can draw from this video, is that even hough people live in different parts of the world, we are all very similar. we all want the same things more or less, we fear the same things, and we go through the same daytime rituals more or less ( brush teeth, eat with friends, go to work, etc.)
    -Aidan Northington

  5. stl4971 November 3, 2011 at 1:34 pm #

    Childhood: In different places around the world kids experience different things. Some start to work at an early age while others rely on their parents to work. Some kids have to work to help support their families and others are able to enjoy a much higher standard of living.
    Fear: Fear is universal, people from any part of the world can experience the same fears and same pains. No person can be completely resistant to fear and pain and we all face that together.
    Rituals: Many people in the same country have similar rituals such as brushing your teeth and eating three main meals a day. Others from different countries may have similar rituals to each other but at the same time differ from your own.

  6. smg3513 November 3, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    The patterns in themes i noticed were people eating, materialism, fear and love. They showed people doing everyday things. It was from the point of view of the person. Like a reality tv show a camera was following them around. I think it shows we all pretty much do the same things , enjoy the same foods and live some what alike. I think mine will be pretty good. I want to put it from the point of view of different people’s point of views. I want to include love , friendship , eating and childhood into my video.

    • smg3513 November 3, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

      By: Melisa

  7. sap3786 November 3, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    The different patterns of themes in this film was most all based on life such as . Depression, love, waking up , eating, interacting with each-other and doing work. this film mostly basically like showed how people live and the way they went on with there days . it showed different moments of peoples life all over the world. the theme of the film went in sections and at the end i liked it because it showed all the like tragic moments that everyone had. life in a day talks about and shows human activity by basically showing you what different people do every day. After this i believe that my final film should have allot of footage of people doing different activities just like in the film such as waking up eating , socializing .

  8. JONAHBABiLONiA November 3, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    I think that the themes of Life in the day really incorporated everyday life. Between the feelings of pain and happiness and birth it showed the different stages of everyones life in one day. At one point in the film towards the end it was just one theme their was a mix of it. Between girls dressed half naked in a party limo, a guy fighting and getting hurt, and others on a roller coaster. In my film I really want to incorporate the same thing. I want to show how in different places at the same time tons of people can be going through something completely different but that’s just what makes us human.

  9. thomasmontalbano1 November 3, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    1) I noticed a lot of similarities in the “Day In The Life” film. There are more similarities between people around the world then I originally thought. People eat breakfast the same way, children play the same way, adults enjoy their time the same way. Watching this film made me think of an idea that everyone has fun in a similar way. No matter where you are in the world, you try to enjoy your time.

    2) Once you watch the “Life In a Day” film, you will see how everyone around the world lives their life, from americans to africans to chinese people ect. This video describes how life goes for everyone, and when you watch it, you notice a lot of similarities. These similarities show that no matter where you are on earth, you are doing the same things as most other humans.

    3) I expect my final sixteen project to involve everything a sixteen year old would do where I live. I would want to include a lot of footage of what I do every day. Everything I film I expect to be stuff that I always do, and not something im going to do specifically for the film.

  10. sik9490 November 3, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    Some themes that I saw patterns in was the eating, materialism, and waking up. when they were all making breakfast from different countries, most of the food was the same. they were eating, eggs, bacon and toast. they basically all woke up the same way. most people woke up on their bed, some on their couch or not even at home. but everyone had different things in their bags and pockets. it might have to do with your personality or your interests. but most people carried around things that they would usually need to have with you when you leave your house. i think for my final documentary, it will mostly have themes about what people eat, love, and friendships.

    -Irie Kawasaki

  11. syr4665 November 3, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    The Life in a Day of Film, consisted many people’s lives and footage based on what they did in one day. Although the footage was of different people the filmmakers found a way to edit and find similarity in them all, the three themes I thought stood out in the film were, waking up, love and pain. I love how all the themes flowed in order, one by one, when it came to waking up they displayed footage of many people, when the question of love was introduced they displayed different people and what they loved, and finally when pain was introduced they displayed different acts of pain and people displaying fear and sadness. These themes show the human experience to be different from other humans, but at the same time have the same foundation. I think these themes are very interesting and I will probably like to use them in my 16 film, because they show things everyone has in common. I think my 16 documentary is going to use many people as examples, probably people who are sixteen, are going to be sixteen and have been sixteen, as well as some of the themes I saw in the Life in a Day film.
    Yamil Reyes

  12. sdb8321 November 3, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    Some themes that were presented in the “Life in a Day” Film was Pain, Waking up, and Eating.


    Similarities: Everyone feels and experiences pain in many different parts of the world. Some similar instances of pain that was shown was pain of loss, for example one of the video talks about a lady who is afraid to love and get close to someone because as soon as you do and you lose them, how would you get through.
    Differences: Although everyone feels pains some people’s pain is more extreme. Depending on what part of the world you live in, someone’s idea of pain can be very different. In American pain could be losing a family member, but in other parts of the world, pain can be having to work at 5 to support yourself and your family.

    Waking Up

    Similarities- Everyone wakes up and gets out of bed or some sort of sleeping place. they prepare for the day, by getting dressed, and washing up etc. As well as following morning traditions
    Differences: Some differences when waking up in different parts of the world is morning traditions and rituals. In some parts of the world, like in america people wake up get dresses and eat breakfast, but in other parts of the world some people wake up and pray, or visit a dead one’s grave etc. Depending on different parts of the world. Morning traditions typically differ.


    Similarities- No matter what part of the world your in. Everyone eats some type of food. Typically people eat between 1-3 meals a day with 1 of those meals being in the morning
    Differences- Some times people eat during different times of the day, some people eat with their hands, some with forks and others with chopsticks or other objects.

    The Human Experience

    The life in a day film says that a Human experience is typically the same. No matter what part of the world your in. People all go through some sort of pain, lifestyle, or tradition but the only difference is the way that they go through it.

    16 Project

    After viewing the “Life In A Day” Film I imagine my project to look the same. An introduction basically leading up to what the film is about and footage surrounded around a set of themes.

    Some themes I would like to include in my film are Eating, Waking Up, Childhood, Hobbies, Friendships or/and materialism.

    -Deniece Brown

  13. divnae November 3, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    1. The Life in a Day film had many themes. It showed a theme like waking up and eating, and different people all around the world, and how they all do the very same basic human things in different ways. Some people woke up with alarm clocks, some woke up by people waking them up, some woke up by roosters or car honks. Also, hey were all asked a question “What do you fear” and a lot of people feared death.
    2. The movie showed how people all around the world are similar in many ways yet very different at the same time. It showed the different themes and how they all do the same thing in different ways.
    3. I imagine my sixteen film to be about facebook and how facebook portrays the teenage life, by it’s different profiles, pictures, status’, etc. It will be well edited and have different shots from different places.

  14. josephsimone November 3, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Joe Simone
    1.Some major themes used in the “Life in a Day” film were working, love, and childhood.When some people woke up they started working on their farm immedialty just si they have something to eat later. Others woke up around 3-4:AM and started to work also. For Love the film showed a man proposing to a woman, but in other ciuntries a woman proposes to a man. It may seem weird to usa but to them it’s tradition. Also for childhood, I saw some children running and playing and another child shining shoes. It shows how much of a difference peoples lives are all aroun the earth.
    2. The human experience is different for everyone depending on where you live. The film showed a variety of different people all around the world showing what they did for a whole day. What some people did in the film may seem just bizarre to us but for them it’s just an ordinary day.
    3. My goal for my final sixteen project is for it to be similar to the one we saw in class and have important them included in it. In my final sixteen film I want to include themes such as; fear, eating, and waking up.

  15. sys4871 November 3, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    I think that most of the themes were similarities. Love: The similarities were that they loved things that were important to them.Fear, the similarities were death, Love not lasting, Divorce the differences were that homosexuality hair falling out. Walking up some people were waking up in the streets or in a boat or even camping out. But the similarities were waking up to alarm clock or even by your siblings or family.The life in a day film says that the human experience is something you should take serious but have fun you only live once. Human experience is something that most people are scared of. I feel like my final project is going to be very interesting. I would love to include Fear, Love, Childhood, Eating.

  16. sjs5280 November 3, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    1. One theme which is fear has many similarities between different people and countries. A lot of the times ignorance produce fear like how someone was scared of being a homosexual because he thought it was a disease. However, the actual fear itself may differ for place to place. The theme about friendship also has a lot of things that are and aren’t comparable. Every film shows that a friend is a companion that will stay around you, however the acts that are done in the friendship can be different like getting drunk together of working together. Another theme which is working, which is done to accomplish a task but some people work for money, others work like in a factory or others work to keep food in their stomach.

    2. The life in a day film shows the similarities and the differences between every human everywhere. It shows that there are similar themes to the human life. However, it also shows that although the main idea can be the same, the way people go about it can be different. Like they way people show their affection or love for each other differs between each relationship.

    3. After looking at this film I realize that i wanted my final “16” film to have many different shots and frames, but I also wanted it to be honest and relatable. I want it to include feelings/ thoughts that everyone have thought or felt at least one time in their life. I decided that I wanted to include the themes of friendship, fear and probably waking up. I picked those themes because I feel like those themes are easy to relate to however it varies between person to person.

  17. Dhensel November 3, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    1Theme # 1: Waking Up:
    Some people start waking up very early before everyone else, for many different reasons. Some have to start praying , some have to start working, etc. When the un rises most of the people around the world wake up the same way and have the same routines in their mornings.
    Theme # 2: Materialism:
    Most of the people had many similar items in their bags and pockets. Such as keys, money etc. While some others had strange, unusual things like syringes and gns. The film also shows some people who have nothing at all.
    Theme # 3: Movement
    The film shows that people are constantly moving everywhere, going different places. They all move in different ways, like walking, cycling, riding cars etc.

    2.The “Life in a Day” documentary shows the lives of everyone around the world on the same day. The point of this film seems to be to show how similar everyone is , how we all have the same type of routines in our everyday lives. Then again, it also shows the differences between people. The documentary shows how everybody fees pain, love, happiness and fear.

    3. After watching the ‘Life in a Day’ documentary, I would like to make my final 16 documentary similar to it. I want my documentary to have different themes that connect I also want to be able to show different opinions of a variety people in my final documentary.

  18. sjv0367 November 3, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    One of the themes in the “Life in a Day” film was waking up. The film showed how everyone awoke differently. Different as to the places they sleep, how they wake up, and to who they wake up to. During the clips that portrayed eating, it was obvious that a common component for breakfast was eggs no matter how differently they were cooked or what accompanied them. When the theme of fear came it up, many people said their biggest fear was being lonely, politics, love, dying and hair falling. After analyzing their fears I realize that everyone’s fears goes back to a personal insecurity and self image. The “Life in a Day” film says the human experience is different for every single person and though its comfort and normal for some it is strange for others. This film has inspired me to catch and include the down falls, fears, joy, and differences in my final “16 film”.


  19. qcorrine November 3, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    I think some themes like waking up, eating and love, they all using the quick shots of many people and shows details on how do people eat, show their love in different countries and tell the difference in people’s behave. And when people give answers on there opinion on death, many people have the similar part. From this, i can see how do people in different countries behave and variety culture of people and what’s there custom in there life.
    “Life in a day” , of course it shows how do different people do in there day,and it give us the view on there cultures and personality.
    I think the film give me many new ideas, i want to film more people and show how there life is like and different from others. I also want to add what are people doing in the beginning of there day, the way they communicate with others and things they love to do, places they love to go. Let people behave what they are different from others.

  20. sks7033 November 3, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

    1. Discuss 3-4 themes in the “Life in a Day”film and explain the similarities, differences and patterns between what you observed. 2. What does the “Life in a Day” film say about the human experience? 3. After viewing this film, what do you imagine your final “16″ film to look like? What themes would you want to include in your film?

    – Fear, Love, Materialism.

    1. A child in the life in the day film became scarred because he didnt want to go upstairs alone. When little fear is more prevelent becasue they fear being alone more. Another instant was when the army official was oversees and skyped in with his girlfriend. They were both sad and scarred that they wont see eachother again and that he might die. Some patterns seen amongst the concept of fear is that everyone fears something in their life. Weather it is death,sickness or lonelyness. Materialism was a very prevelent. People had lot of attachment to material possesions like Pianos, clothing, purses, walets, knifes, gun, etc. These mateiral possesions all had some emotional attachment to the things they owned because they provided some seen of security or comfort. Love is a universal concept that was seen very often. Some people have love for their animals, children(family) and their land.

    2.The “Life in the day” film says that human experience is similar beneath it all. No mater where you come from or what you dedicate your life to all humans go through the same in their own way.

    3. After viewing this film I imagine my final film to be about universal ideas that are explored in humans and to emphasize the similarities and differences in some way.

  21. ssf4590 November 3, 2011 at 1:58 pm #

    1. Discuss 3-4 themes in the “Life in a Day”film and explain the similarities, differences and patterns between what you observed. 2. What does the “Life in a Day” film say about the human experience? 3. After viewing this film, what do you imagine your final “16″ film to look like? What themes would you want to include in your film?

    1. The themes of childhood, friendships and love tied into each other very well in the “Life in a Day” film. The movie depicted the theme of childhood through children being with their friends or family, having fun and being happy. Friendship is shown in the film with scenes of children and their friends, or older people being with their friends. Love is shown in the film through people showing affection for their loved ones, either lovers, family members, or friends. The film depicts much of the three themes together because they’re able to tie into each other well. Childhood ties into friendship and love because the children seem to experience much of both in the film with their friends and family.

    2. “Life in a Day” shows the human experience in many different ways through many different themes. It shows that we experience many different things in our life and that everyone has a different routine in their lives. The film also shows us that even though a day can be fine for some people, it can be filled with trouble or dangerous events for others. “Life in a Day” is a perfect example of how everyone’s life and beliefs differ. The film also shows us how even the smallest details can make someones life a lot different from our own, such as what we carry around, or what we wear and do.

    3. I imagine my final “16” film incorporating a lot of the lives of many different people. I want to show that being sixteen doesn’t only differ across different cultures and people, but also amongst ourselves. Everyone has their own view of being sixteen and what it means, and I want to be able to show that. The themes I’d like to include are everyday things like waking up, eating, friendships, fear and other things that are shown in the “Life in a Day” film. I want to be able to show that every theme has a wide spectrum of interpretation in may different people’s lives.

  22. Jose O. November 6, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    1. Themes within the “Life in a Day” film which I found very important were work, pain, and love. Work was done throughout the entire film by many people in different ways. Most often work was a means to survive, either to hunt or gather for what they needed or to do another’s work which you would get money from to pay for survival. Some were happy with the work they needed to do many others were not. Love was often between family members and people they were close to, others named objects in a more materialistic view of love. Parents loved their children as well as their spouses and some mentioned god. Pain is felt by everyone everywhere for different reasons and in different ways, most often caused by issues within the other themes such as love. Love and Pain are feelings unlike work. Work is an action and done for survival or to advance in life.

    2. The “Life in a Day” film shows the human experience throughout the world determining it to be different almost everywhere around the world. People all feel pain, sometimes similarly other times not. Most people encounter love in their lives but what they love might differ. Work needs to be done by everyone in order to survive although the kind of work is not always the same. Each theme relates to all life in some way or another. Nobody is completely the same in terms of the themes and how they are incorporated in their lives.

    3. I am still not completely sure about what I want my final “16” film to look like due to the many themes I can include in my film. One thing I would like to show people about life are certain themes with different views. With this I will be able to depict objective thinking. I see many different views about many things being fought over by people although there really is no need for it. People have their own opinions and one should not try to force their own on another’s. The themes I would prefer to have include pain, love and work.

    Jose Ovalle

  23. Amanda N November 8, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    One of the themes I learned a lot about was eating and I noticed most humans regardless of where they live use some form of heat their breakfast regardless of whether they prepare their food indoors or outdoors. Another theme was love and I noticed people some love people, places, or things while others love concepts such as religion or words. The final theme I’ve chosen is materialism because places where people have more things, they value things that may not even exist in other cultures. Also, people sometimes value objects because they want to become better people. For example, the boy who was a shoe shiner was apart of the one laptop per child program which allowed him to gain an education.

    This life in a day film gives me a new understanding of being human. Sometimes we think humans are all so different because we live in such different places, but in reality, we do a lot of similar things. Every culture has people who may be outside the cultural “norm”, but this only proves humans live life in similar patterns.

    I image in final project for this class to reflect teenage life for a lot of people that are linked together somehow. I wanted to work on the theme of social identity, but it a different way than everyone else is doing it.

  24. sar9647 November 8, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    Rex Rexha

    1.) Some of the major themes used in the “Life in a Day” film were love, working, and childhood. Some people in the video people woke up and immediately started to work on their farm to get some food for later that day. Other people would wake up around 3-4 in the morning and started to work also. For the childhood theme, I saw a few children running and playing and another little child shining shoes. It shows how diverse and abstract peoples lives are and how blind we sometimes are of that. Finally, for Love the film showed a man proposing to a woman which is normal, but in other countries a woman has to propose to a man, which might seem out of place for us but is perfectly normal for them.

    2.) The human experience is different for every person around the world and it’s no surprise that everybody is different from one another. The film displayed a large variety of different people and ethnicities showing what they did for a whole day in their lives. What some people did in the film may seem just bizarre to us but for them it’s just an ordinary day.

    3.) I think that for my final sixteen project, my goal is for it to be unique and understandable to all people no matter how diverse they are. In my final sixteen film I want to include themes such as: Fear, Love, and Friendship.

  25. sys4871 November 21, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

    1. Discuss 3-4 themes in the “Life in a Day”film and explain the similarities, differences and patterns between what you observed. 2. What does the “Life in a Day” film say about the human experience? 3. After viewing this film, what do you imagine your final “16″ film to look like? What themes would you want to include in your film?

    1.Fear,Love&Sleeping: I realized that most feared death and when the little kid didn’t want to go up the stairs alone. When the couple skyped and thought that they weren’t going to last.When the husband was scarred of losing his wife. Love was one too when the couples were at the park and her boyfriend proposal to her. Take flowers to the hospital. Most of them would wake up either with an alarm clock, waking up in the train station and on the streets.
    2. What the “Life in a Day” says about human experience is that no matter where you live things are done similar to the way you do things. Either if its your biggest fear or what you eat to waking up & work.
    3.I think my project would kind of look that the life in a day film.Some of the themes i would like to do is Love, Fear and Waking up.

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