Sixteen Agenda, 11/15

15 Nov

What’s your plan?
Hey, Jayleen! What have you been doing all period?
We know that hanging out with your friends is fun, but what have you been doing all period? We miss you, so please make sure you fill out the project tracking sheet that’s attached to the final documentary assignment.

Please export your 1-minute British film, upload to vimeo and post to WordPress. Your film should have an introduction titles, transitions, titles, and voiceover.

Sixteen Documentary Footage:
So, what does it mean to be 16?
You are beginning to collect footage and capture authentic moments that explain what it means to be 16 in NYC. Your 1-minute introduction will be due on Thursday, 11/17.

  • Create a storyboard of footage to be collected
  • Write a narration for your introduction
  • Ask people the following questions:
  • What do you love?
  • What do you fear?
  • What’s in your pockets?

How you will be graded:
Your 1-minute introduction should focus on theme, narration, footage and editing. Your introduction should begin to establish the focus for your project and how the coming of age experience is lived/experienced among 16 year olds in NYC.


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