What is Culture? (Sixteen B)

12 Dec

Part One:
For this assignment you will interview 4-5 other students in class to find an answer to the question: How do you define culture? How would you describe your own (personal) culture? Write the interview responses in the comment section of this post.

Part Two:
Respond to the following questions in the comments section of this post: 1. What is culture? (1 paragraph) 2. Describe a time that you have felt conflicted by the beliefs of another culture. If you were able to learn more about that culture, would it be possible to understand them? (1 paragraph)


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  1. Daniel Lamport December 13, 2011 at 11:00 am #

    Part 1 response:

    Based on the responses I received, this class believes that culture is defined as customs which you are taught at an early age that govern how you live your day-to-day life. It is also the way you are brought up, and the moral code which you particularly are taught. Different people obviously describe their own cultures as being different because all people are from different backgrounds. Tim gave a detailed description of his culture, while Elijah simply said his culture is “awesome”.

    • Daniel Lamport December 13, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

      1. My personal definition of culture is customs that one is taught at an early age which govern one’s actions and behavior.

      2. I once faced a cultural conflict when I went to Israel over one summer. I visited a site called “The Wailing Wall” also known as the Western Wall. This wall is a significant site because it is the only remains of the first Jewish temple that was erected in Israel, the Jewish homeland. There were many Palestinians around the wall at the same time as I was. Had I told them I was Jewish, they may very well have assaulted me. Culturally, there are many differences that these two religious factions have. Both Hebrews and Palestinians believe that Israel is their homeland. If I could learn more about Palestinian culture, I would understand why they detest Jews and have a fervent desire for blood, but it is a two-way street. In order for the conflict between Jews and Palestinians to cease, both factions need to understand where the other is coming from, and they need to reach a compromise.

  2. mollysigner December 13, 2011 at 11:26 am #

    Part 1:
    (1) The way you are raised.
    (2) Doesn’t really know.
    Danny L
    (1) Customs you learn that shape how you act and behave in society.
    (2) White, American, Jewish boy who is 16.
    (1) Defines you, is you. It is how you act and are brought up.
    (2) Listening (because my parents taught me to always listen).
    (1) The way you are taught to act in your daily life.
    (2) Not to be rude. Also not to be quiet or loud.
    (1) The practices and traditions you follow.
    (2) N/A
    (1) A group of people that abide by rules to be “normal.”
    (2) Not being rebellious and sticking to the “rules.” Not to be peer pressured into other cultures.

    Part 2
    Culture to me is the way you were raised and the way you act every day. How you react and respond to things foreign to you. It is also the traditions that you continue to do and use. It is what you are “used to” and are comfortable around. A time I felt conflicted by another culture is a lot of the independent tribes all around the world. The way that they live and work is strange to me. The way they eat, sleep, socialize, etc. It is all very foreign to me. I think if I were able to learn more you learn more. But it is not the same as understanding them. To understand them you have to live like them. Be in their place and you never really can unless you were part of that culture or tribe. That you took part completely in everything they did. Sharing the same fears, foods, pain and happiness as them. There are many ways to see them, learn about them. But in order to really understand them you have to be in their shoes. It’s like you can sympathize but not empathize with them.

  3. Christy C. December 13, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    Based on the replies I received from interviewing my classmates, I learned that many of us look at culture in a similar way. They find that culture is something you were grown up with. Something that was taught to you when you were a child. It’s something that presents you; it defines who you are as a person and your ethnicity. My classmates also mention how it’s a group that’s different and has many different beliefs. Brittany gave me an example of what her culture is like, for example, it’s a sin if you were to have sex before marriage. You must also be in a long-term relationship before getting married. As for me, my culture is that you must learn Chinese before getting to learn any other language, such as English. You must also address your family members a specific name.

  4. Axel Aquino December 13, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    1)How you are raised.

    1)I think that culture is something that is taught to a group of people and it’s passed down generations.
    2)To be nice to people and respect others.

    1) Customs by which you govern your actions.
    2) Learn as much as you can.

    1) A set of customs that people grew up with, always having something to do with religion.
    2) to be respectful and follow the rules but still having standards.

    Part 2)

    I think culture is something that you you grow up learning. It is how you are taught tobehave and your customes and morals. A time that I have felt conflicted by culture is when I was having an argument with a friend of mine, about something that we were taught differently. I felt bad becuase we were arguing about something that had to do with culture, but we had different views becuase of the different things that we learned growing up. I think that you could learn about a culture if you do alot of research.

  5. Chloe N. December 13, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    Part 1 – Interviews
    -What is Culture?
    Nilufa: Something that you’ve been taught while you grew up.
    -What is your culture, how do you describe it?
    Nilufa is from Bangladesh and has similar customs to what I had which surprised me. She eats mostly Indian food, but her first language was Bingali. Her parents are very generous and will offer food to anyone who visits, but they are also strict about the things that she can do. She is Muslim, and her religion is lightly forced upon her. She was taught a different language to be able to read the Quran (bible).
    -What is Culture?
    Jessica: Where you grew up, who you grew up around, and where your parents grew up.
    -What is your culture, how do you describe it?
    Jessica is Italian and from Slovakia which came as a surprise to me because I had the impression she was Jewish. Since she is Slovak she describes herself as a super communist because of the influence from her Grandfather. Being Slovakian gives her a different outlook on people. Her Italian side gives her a minor Brooklyn-Italian accent that she hides to avoid people asking about it and to avoid Italian stereo-types. Her Italian culture involves her eating big dinners which are fairly early (4:30-5), and every Sunday she has a huge ‘Sunday Dinner’ that starts at around 2 in the afternoon. When she visits her grandparents on a weekend, it must be Sunday (as a custom/tradition) because of the dinner. Another interesting thing about her is that because of her bond with her grandfather, she has been exposed to her grandfather’s strong opinions about World War 2 and many of the events in it.
    -What is culture?
    Zineb: Culture is a group of people who set the rules you have to abide by.
    What is your culture, how do you describe it?
    Zineb is Moroccan and her parents’ concerns are mostly with sticking to her own culture. It seems that they don’t want her to be influenced by modern day cultures and keep the customs and traditions alive which surprised me because I’ve never met anyone whose parents are so loyal to where they come from.

    Part 2- Me
    What does culture mean to me?
    Culture is what your ancestors from where you came from have passed down over the years; whether it be customs, traditions, or etc., that shapes who you and your family are as people.
    What is my culture?
    I am from the Dominican Republic, and the culture that we mostly follow is based on discipline and manners. Parents who are less Americanized have a stricter way of raising their kids, whereas a parent who was born in America (and not in the D.R.) wouldn’t really carry those customs on with them. My father for example, who was born in Santo Domingo (the capital of D.R.) is very strict with the way my sisters and I use and do things. For example, table manners are a very big part of our culture; if someone comes over, regardless of who they are, if their table manners aren’t good my parents will automatically assume that the guest’s parents didn’t teach them to eat. Little things like that that most people don’t really care about are important to our culture, and we make these customs stick with different forms of discipline.

  6. iWowk December 13, 2011 at 4:45 pm #


    Danny L: “Culture are customs that people are taught to practice at a certain age.”
    personal culture: A white, Jewish, 16 year old American boy.

    Albert S: “Culture is something that is taught to a group of people, past down, and shapes their personalities and beliefs.”
    Personal culture: Is not sure.

    Tim C: “Culture is just the way someone is brought up”; you can still have culture with out religion; it’s a way of living.
    personal culture: N/A

    Natalie F: Culture is a custom; a tradition; beliefs of certain groups of people.
    personal culture: N/A

    Zineb O: Culture is a group of people abiding to certain rules.
    Personal culture: sticking to it and not mixing it up with others, even if pressure starts to get the best of her from ‘outside cultures’.

    To me, I would describe my personal culture as a regular 15 year old Asian New Yorker who is adopted and an Atheist. 🙂


    Culture is like a set of norms instructed to people of different societies, directing them on how to live life. It is the way you were raised, which influences how you act during your day. Culture also influences the way people see other cultures and their responses to them; this can affect subcultures, such as religion. For instance, someone who is athiest might find the routines done by Jewish people to be slightly foreign to them because they were not brought up the same way with the same way of living. Additionally, culture is something that is passed down not through genetics, but through teaching and listening. In a sense, culture is used to bring people (who believing in the same belief/etc.) together to form different societies. In all, whether it has to do with art, food, religion, and much more, culture is culture, no matter how differently two people might view it.
    One time that I felt conflicted by another culture is when I went to have dim-sum with my mom in China Town. Although I am Chinese, I am adopted; I did not grow up knowing anything about Chinese culture; or any other Asian culture. They way they talked–especially the speed-kind of confused me and the food they served took me by surprise. Whenever they tried to talk to me or something, I kind of felt like an outsider because I did not know anything. If I were able to learn more about them, I do not think I would be able to fully understand them. I get what people mean by when they say they had visited the place and got to have a hands-on experience with Chinese people, but to fully understand a certain culture, I feel like you would have to of been living in their shoes for the majority of your life. Basically, sympathizing is the easy part. Empathizing…? That could be saved for another post/entry/etc.

  7. ojayjay December 13, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Interviews:How do you define culture? and What is your culture

    -Natalie: “Culture is the customs, traditions, and beliefs that a group of people follow”.
    *Growing up in Natalie’s culture since she was a young girl was to very respectful to her surrounds including not only to people but to the area she lives in as well. Education is a very big cultural influence on her life as well and its enforced to well tain good grades.

    -Zineb: “Culture is something you follow with rules that you are influenced to abide by”.
    * In Zinebs culture is necessary to respect her surrounding culture including customs, religion and most importantly her self.

    -Tim: “Culture is an asset of customs that people grow up on”.
    *In Tims culture it is a big thing to be respectful to family and friends and religion. Even though Tim must respect his family’s religion, surprisingly he is allowed to to believe his own beliefs and practices and is allowed to make his own decisions in life as long as this actions are positive without putting a negative affect on his family.

    – David: “Culture is the way you were taught to live life such as the way you perform beliefs and customs.
    *In Davids culture its a must to respect and take pride in his Dominican heritage by always standing up for the country and respect other fellow Dominicans.

    Part 2:
    Culture to me is the practices/traditions that you follow that have a major affect on how you act towards society”. I feel that Many cultures have a bog part on how we are raised in society and how we act towards society as well. Growing up in certain cultures you are taught certain things that are right and wrong and being apart of that culture we tend to believe what the culture beliefs without actual question of their morals and practices. For instance growing up in a christian culture you would be taught in certain circumstances not to sin and act with respect towards not only yourself but other people around you as well, this influences the way you act in society and also affects your personality as well in the real world.

    A time that I felt conflicted by another culture was when I went to a Muslim mosque as a field trip in the 8th grade for global studies. Here we were supposed to observe the mosque and see how it was different from our own culture and customs. Some Muslims were wearing different garnets with different patterns and colors on which was very different from the culture I grew up in where jeans and t-shirts would be our every day attire until Sundays were we dressed in dress shirts and khakis to attend church. Many other Muslims also were praying to their gods and Prophets differing from my God and prayers to him. Judging by the gods they were praying to I believe that I could learn more about their religion in their culture but respectfully I couldn’t follow their culture or practice it because of the different gods and beliefs, such as heaven and hell we believe in.

  8. Brittany Muscat December 13, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Interviews: How do you define culture? How would you describe your own (personal) culture?

    Part 1:

    1) A group of people that follow a tradition and rule to abide by.
    2) My culture is, its almost a sin if you don’t do something in your culture, you have to stick to that particular reason and not follow others.

    1) Something that you where thought with from your parents. It defines who you are.
    2) Certain way to address your family, There are a lot of different types of names you can call someone. Each name specific to one person. There’s also a certain way I need to dress.

    1)Place where you grow up to act in society.
    2) Passive aggressive, use words before I fight.

    1) The customs, traditions, and beliefs that a certain group of people follows.
    2) Generous, thought to follow religious beliefs. Education is important, to be successful.

    Part 2 :
    1. What is culture? 2. Describe a time that you have felt conflicted by the beliefs of another culture. If you were able to learn more about that culture, would it be possible to understand them?

    1. What is culture?
    To me culture is a group of people who follow traditions and they have religious beliefs. They are groups of people that are really different from other different cultures. They have different beliefs. You can be a catholic, that means you shouldn’t follow a sin. In life, we are all different, we come from different cultures, (places), so we all go by different rules, and beliefs.

    2. Describe a time that you have felt conflicted by the beliefs of another culture. If you were able to learn more about that culture, would it be possible to understand them?

    I am from a small island called Malta, its below Italy, so its in Europe. You can barely see it on the world map. Anyways, in my culture there really isn’t that many different things that how other people’s culture is. Basically in mine, since we are catholic and we believe in god, it’s a sin to have sex before getting married, but the teenagers in Malta find it hard to follow it. Also most teenagers there see it like they have to be in a long- term relationship with that person until you go further. It’s somehow complicated but not like other cultures out there. Back in the days, education was really important and strict, if some students weren’t paying attention or they do something bad, the teacher will grab a ruler and hit you. I know this because both my parents experienced it. In my culture my parents were usually raised playing in fields and farms, they used to get places with a donkey or a horse, I don’t know. It’s really interesting how cultures can be so different than one another. I really don’t remember a time where I have been conflicted by the beliefs of another culture, it never occurred to me before. I just feel left out when someone near you is speaking some other language and you can’t really understand them, but yes if I was able to learn more about their culture, it would be possible to understand them once you learn their language.

  9. dannykw December 13, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    culture to me is the environment in which kids are raise and how they are raise in that environment with the social norms that they have. My culture is being an outsider of a all sub cultures and being able to fit in with many different ones with out really be label as apart of one.

    1) To her culture is what people believe in and the why that they are.
    2) Her culture is a rocker that likes to party a lot.

    1) To him it is how a person I raised.
    2) He doesn’t know his personal culture, but he rather be with people who are children at like himself. (care-free culture I think.)

    1) Culture to her is how a person acts, how a person treat people, and how a person define themselves.
    2) her culture is simple/cheerful.

    1)The daily way you live your life.
    2) N/A

    Culture is values, norms, environment, and social statuses. In culture people unusually act similar, have similar values, which fall under the category of norms. Norms every culture has norms and a person don’t follow them they will be view differently then everyone else in that culture. People with very similar values make sub- cultures that focus on that common area. Different environments have different sub- culture because the environment gives them different things that will interest certain people. In each sub-culture they judge other people which gives them certain statuses. and depending how high it is people will treat you differently unless they don’t know how you are or know how you are you with most of time. I conflict with many sub-cultreus because since I am able to fit with many of them I find out how they act then leave because I don’t really feel right with what they might be doing.

    I don’t judge quickly because I don’t want a person to do the same to me, so I try to find out how they act together. It is good to learn different cultures to understand how they work. If your in a situation stuck with a group of people and you know how to interact with them. It would smooth to work together with them or get out of the situation your in. Also you will be able to tell how to deal with people of that culture when you see them. On the other hand the culture might interest a person and that person would want to become part of that culture because she or he feel they can really fit in.

  10. Jessica December 13, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Part 1: Interviews

    What is culture? What is your culture?
    1)It’s what you grow up with, learned learned, and was taught by your parents. It’s how you were raised.
    2)My culture defines who I am as a person.
    1) How you learn to act in society.
    2) Passive agressive.
    1) Customs being passed down..Things you do that shape who you are
    2) From the DR, nothing that special. Your parents raise you, and if you’re not proper, your parents get blamed. You should have manors.
    1) The way you grow up and where you grow up
    2) Raised on morals and edict.

    Part 2:
    1. To me, culture is who you are as a person. It’s who you grew up around, and the way your parents have raised you. Those are the only things that can really define how you’ll grow up, and your culture will be developed. Everyones different, and has different beliefs. Be it religion, or anything else. We were brought up learning about these things. We aren’t born with these opinions.
    2. A time I was conflicted by the beliefs of another culture was when I was in 8th grade, in global class. We went to a Muslim mosque, and we were expected to have a certain attire to go there. The girls had to cover their hair with a cloth of some sort. We sat in a circle, and learned all about the muslim religion. It was an amazing experience, to learn all about a completely different religion, since i grew up a christian and followed the christian beliefs. If i was to learn more about them, like spend more time following what they follow, and believing what they do, I do think I might be able to understand them, and what they feel is right. I’m a very strong christian, but I would be willing to go and learn all about the muslim culture. The trip there really opened up my eyes to different religions, cultures, and beliefs.

  11. Elijah Font December 13, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    Part 1:
    Kelsey: stated that “I think culture is like how you were brought up and how your mom and dad teach you to do certain things. Your culture defines you in a away.” She stated that her culture to her was listening because she was taught to listen to everyone and try to be there friend is some way.
    Danny: stated that “they are customs which you learn to behave and act in society. He feels that his culture is a white 16 year old Jewish American.
    Nicky(Nicole): she stated that “its basically who you are, where you are from, where you grow up, who grew up around you, and where your parents grew up. Her culture is hippster.
    Nathalie: Felt like it is “customs, traditions, and believes that a certain group of people follow.” Her culture is generous like.
    Britney: She felt that it is a group of people that are different and have different believes. Her culture is catholic.

    Part 2:
    To me I think culture is where you learn moral values, and how to act as a person in society and at home. It also be where you learn on how to life. Now I think it is your choice to believe what they say and act the way they are taught or they can behave and act a different way. They can shape society, or they can let society shape that person. It all depends on the person if they are going to listen or not. I also think that culture intertwines with religion because as an example, if your mom and dad are atheist you might live as a atheist and stay living as one or choice to not. It really depends on the person. I think a time I had to understand a culture was when I was on the train, there were a group of people that were talking about the end of the world on 2012 and how we need to be ready and how god will be punishing us for allowing a lot of worldly sins or something like that and a lot of people were shunning them. I don’t think they could be understood because they couldn’t talk correctly, and they made it sound like God was good but then he hated us as well. LOL.

  12. David Rivas December 13, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Part 1 – Interviews

    (1) It’s the customs that you were taught at an early age that govern how you act.
    (2) White Jewish 16 year old

    (1) The practices/traditions that you follow that have a major affect on how you act towards society
    (2) Taught to play sports

    (1) The traditions you carry on and the way you were brought up
    (2) An Asian teenage girl who’s adopted

    (1) What you believe in, how you act everyday
    (2) N/A

    (1) The way you act in your daily life
    (2) Atheist, Classic daily routines

    Part 2 – What is culture?

    What culture means to me is the way you were taught to do every day and continue to do now. Culture is what we were taught during our childhood that shaped our characteristics and how we act upon society. That is why every person have different characteristics because they were all taught different cultures. I was taught to be polite and not to be obnoxious to other people. This is not my full culture but its a part of it that shaped my characteristic to be what I was taught to be in society. Also your tradition and practices are a part of everyone’s culture. The traditions you do might be to do something special on one day of the week or to do something that was done in your families past that still goes on. That is what I believe culture means to me and and that is how everyone’s culture shaped their own characteristics.

  13. Zineb Ouachtouki December 13, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    Part One:

    a. How do YOU define culture?
    b. How would you describe your own culture?

    a. A culture is a group of people with different beliefs and everyone is different.
    b. My culture believes that you need to wait tell you get married to have sex. Its hard to follow that culture here.

    a. Culture is a set of norms people follow in order to live in their society/group of people.
    b. My culture is very broad. I guess having pride in your culture is important.

    a. The way you are raised/brought up and things you are use to
    b. I’m basically an Asian teenage girl adopted living in New York.

    a. Cultures are customs in which govern your actions.
    b. White Jewish American 16 year old boy.

    a. I think culture are practices/traditions that you follow that have a major affect on how you act towards society.
    b. Respecting elders and those before you. Also going to church regularly.

    Part Two:

    A culture is group of people that abide by the same rules to be socially accepted and respected. Many of these people in the group value the same things such as religion/morals. One factor that determine the culture doings is the environment. What the people wear, physically look and their language has to do with where they live. Many cultures abide by rules that many cultures such as Americans may think is unusual such as our form of entertainment, our sense of humor and the food we eat. Other cultures may think our culture is unusual such as eating hamburger may look like stacking unlike foods together into one meal. Additionally, what we do may be very disrespectful to other cultures and vice versa. How the members of the group interact with one of other plays a huge role on how this culture. Basically, in a culture everyone shares the same values and beliefs.
    This summer, I visited Morocco and spent most of the time in Casablanca. My family and I decided it would be best to not spend our summer in one spot and start traveling. On our way to different cities I encountered many different cultures one of these were a specific type of Berbers who were not allowed to get married to anyone outside of their family and got married as young as twelve. I found this quite odd considering the fact that in America all types of people get married regardless of race or religion but usually not until your mid twenties. I asked my mother as to why they did this. She explained to me, usually in these rural areas daughters are married off as gifts to the other families and many of the times these families own large areas of lands and do not want to give it to families they are not familiar with because they want the property to stay under the same last name. If I tried to learn more about this culture, It would not be to hard because I already speak the language, understanding why the actions they do are done may be hard to comprehend for me since I am sometimes unwilling to accept activities done by other people

  14. Nilufa Begum December 13, 2011 at 10:16 pm #


    Interview 1: Chloe

    -What is culture?
    Chloe: Culture is what your ancestors have passed down over the years; it shapes who you and your family are as people.
    -How would you describe your culture?
    Chloe is from Dominican Republic and says that her culture is based on discipline and manners. Her father is very strict to her and her sisters. Table manners are a big part of her culture which means that if someone came over and didn’t have good table manners her parents would assume that their parents didn’t teach them to eat. Basically her culture has to do a lot with discipline and manners.

    Interview 2: Ming

    -What is culture?
    Ming: Culture is the way you were raised; religion is a part of your culture and so are their morals.
    -How would you describe your culture?
    Ming is from China and was raised as a reform Jew which means she’s not really religious. Her parents wanted her to keep in touch with Chinese traditions so she has rice every night but doesn’t like sushi or seafood like other Chinese people.

    Interview 3: Zineb

    -What is culture?
    Zineb: I define culture as a group of people abiding my rules in order to blend into that culture.
    -How would you describe your culture?
    Zineb is a Moroccan Muslim girl living in New York trying to blend into two cultures at once.

    Interview 4: Jessica

    -What is culture?
    Jessica: It’s who you are, where you grew up, and who you grew up around.
    -How would you describe your culture?
    Jessica is Italian which means she follows what her parents and grandparents have been doing since they were little. They would have big Sunday dinners with their families just like an Italian person that lived in Italy would.


    1. What is culture? (1 Paragraph)
    2. Describe a time you have felt conflicted by the beliefs of another culture. If you were able to learn more about that culture, would it be possible to understand them? (1 paragraph)

    To me culture is the way you were raised and what you’ve been taught while you grew up. Everyone was brought up differently which means no one’s culture is exactly the same as someone else although it might be very similar. They were taught what their parents or whoever raised them thought was right or wrong. People around them are the ones who actually influence what their culture is, but as people grow older they start to make their own decisions which can either change their cultures or let it remain the same.
    A time I was conflicted by the beliefs of another culture was when I was in 8th grades in global studies and we went to a Buddhist temple. As we walked inside there was a huge statue of Buddha in front of room. The room was filled with the color red and gold and there was a long table in the middle where the council (I’m not sure) would sit as everyone else sat around the room. There were paintings on the walls telling the story of Buddha. As people came in to pray I noticed the way they were praying were kind of similar to the way Muslims are supposed to pray. They kneeled down to pray just like us and after they prayed they offer flowers pour water onto Bodhi trees. As I observed the way Buddhist prayed and acted in their temple it made me even more curious about their religion and culture. If I were to learn more about their culture I believe I would be able to understand them and have a clearer understanding about their religion/ culture.

  15. Kelsey jean-Baptiste December 13, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    Part 1: Interviews: What is cuture?
    ELI: The sense of growing up and earning about how to be a person. It’s also about how you behave around people.
    ELI: Eli finds his culture passive agressive, because his mom is always tellin ghim that if he ever gets into a arguement that is leading into a fight he needs to first and try really hard to make peace.

    MOLLY: Molly’s idea of culture are the traditions that you have and how you were raised.
    MOLLY: Molly culture is a teenage girl who was adopted.

    CHRISTY CHAN: Christy thinks that a culture is something that you learn, and something that is taught from your parents. It defines who you are as a person, and it is your ethnicity.
    CHRISTY CHAN: Christy’s culture is that her parents want her to dress a certain way and before she was allowed to learn the language english, she had to learn 2 chinese languages or else she would be known as a disgrace.

    DANNY: Danny’s idea of culture is a set of beliefs you have. It’s how you act, eat, people you hang out with , and the kind of setting your used to.
    DANNY: Danny’s culture is different because he doesn’t follow social norms, he is very unpredictable, quiet, outsider, he doesn’t fit in with a lot of people.

    Part 2:
    To me culture is something that you grew up with. It is something that your parents have been teaching you from when you were a baby. Cultures are different in many places because for an example in a place like Africa it is probabl called disrespectful if you don’t wear clothes like they do. Another example is in china for girls it’s disrespectul to learn another language than their own languages. Cultures are born with you and you are allowed to not follow them. This makes a culture different from a religion, because with a cuture you don’t have to follow them for the rest of your life, you can change you culture anytime you want. witha religion you can’t do that, you have to stick to that certain religion. Cultures are something very important because they shape who you are as a person and who you will be in the future. Cultures effect your behavior around many people, they way you eat in front of people, or the way you carry yourself in public. All this relates back to what a culture is and what it can do for you.

    When I went to Guyana where my mom was born, I was faced with my moms type of culture, which was living on a farm and sleeping in a house that wasn’t even built yet. All that was their were sticks that shaped the house. Living on the farm I had to learn how to eat real animals and see them get killed in front of my eyes. I had to learn to sleep with bugs crawling on me at night, take a bath in the creek, and even eat food that was horrible. This was all foreign to me and I realized that when I complained about something I would always get in trouble with my aunt because this is how she lives and this is how she grew up, so in a way for her to hear me complained bother her alot. i was forced to live this life style where I had no clue to even live. I never lived like this before, and to many people that I met in guyana they looked at me like I was strange, because of my behavior towards their culture. There were times where i really didn’t want to do something but I had no choice. For example I wanted to take a shower so bad, but they had no water so I had to bathe in a creek, it was the worse experience in my life time. If I had a chance to live their more I would ofcourse get used to their culture. I found myself at the end of my stay wanting to stay their for a longer time so my aint can teach me more how she lives and how your suppose to conduct yourself in a place like that. I didn’t want to go because I felt like I was missing apart of me that I should have known for awhile. I felt like i was really getting the hang of how to live their lifestyle. So yes, I would want to learn more about someone’s culture whenever I get the chance.

  16. mingrc December 14, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    Nilufa: Culture is how you were raised. Religion, morals, ethics, etc. Nilufa was first taught to speak Bengali and wear Sari’s when she went over to relatives houses.
    Jess: “Culture is the way you were brought up, how your parents raised you.” Jess describes her culture as “hipster-ish.”
    Aaron: Culture is how you’re raised.
    Brittany: Culture is a group of people that have different religions or beliefs. It is a sin to have sex before marriage.

    Culture is your up-bringing. How you were raised. I think religion can also be a part of culture if it’s a big part of your life. A lot of people are taught morals and basic rules of society by parts of religion such as the Ten Commandments. Art sometimes shapes new personalities in people. Art movements and people changed as new cultures were made from these changes. I think each language is its own culture. Millions of people speak a second language, but there are several dialects in different languages. The way a person speaks might effect their character traits.

    When I was first learning about the Holocaust it bothered me that Hitler thought he could justify killing innocent people. Nazis followed his orders and killed millions of people and when they were asked why they were doing it they said, “We’re just following orders.” Nazis are their own culture, a culture I will never understand. When I see videos about different cultures like the Mayan culture and they are killing or cutting children, it bothers me. I think I would be able to understand any culture if I learned more about it, but I still don’t think physical harm can be justified. – Ming C.

  17. aaronmidyette December 14, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    1) ?
    1-A) Culture is where you live and the traditions you have.
    1-B) What’s excepted in America
    2) Axel
    2-A) Beliefs and how your raised
    2-B) Respect
    3) Danny
    3-A) social norms
    3-B) extreme, gamer, optimist
    4-A) how to act in society
    4-B) passive

    culture is the evolution in arts, science, religion, ect. of a people.

    a culture that i didn’t quiet understand was the Satere-Mawe people of Brazil who intentionally make gloves out of leaves and bullet ants who’s sting is said to fell like your being shot and can cause paralysis and uncontrollable shuddering to become a warrior. this has to be 20 times too. i guess i understand why but i know i wouldn’t do that and it seems kinda alien (being American and all) to me.

  18. Alyssa Prescott December 15, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Part 1:
    Interview of Taylor Cranford
    – What is culture?
    Taylor: the way you live your life
    – How do you define your own culture?
    Taylor: Athiest, a girly-girl, sings stupidly, loves art with a passion, doesn’t go to church.

    Part 2:
    To me culture is the way a person acts and can be developed by how a person was brought up as a child. Culture can be based on your religious beliefs or it can be based on who your friends are or an activity you do or the personality you have. I think that you choose your own culture because for example, i know a friend who’s parents are Christians but she is Athiest, so this shows that your culutre is not built in to you, you have to build it yourself.
    In the seventh grade, i went to a few of my friends’ Bat’ Mitzvahs. It was an interesting experience hearing them read from the torah. I was amazed that they took some time out of their lives to learn bout their own culture and what it means to be Jewish. I think that if i took the time out of my life to learn about Judhism i could definitely understand it better.

  19. Julissa Bonilla December 19, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    Part 1:
    Person being interviewed: Danny Webb
    Question: What does culture mean to you?
    Danny’s Answer: Culture to me is how you act, it’s your moral. It is just the way you are. Is how you act within your society and what you’re raised to believe.
    Question: How would you describe your culture?
    Danny’s Answer: I would consider myself to be like an outsider or different.
    Person being interviewed: Nathalie
    Question: What does culture mean to you?
    Nathalie’s Answer: Culture is the custom, traditions, beliefs, of a certain group of people.
    Question: How would you describe your culture?
    Nathalie’s Answer: I would describe my culture as generous like people.
    Person being interviewed: Eli
    Question: What does culture mean to you?
    Eli’s Answer: Culture to me is a place where you’re brought up to learn how to act in society.
    Question: How would you describe your culture?
    Eli’s Answer: I would describe my culture as very passive aggressive.
    Person being interviewed: David
    Question:What does culture mean to you?
    David’s Answer: The traditons and practices that you were taught. It is how you act upon society.
    Question: How would you describe your culture
    David’s Answer: I would describe my culture as not rude.

  20. Jon-Paul Jones January 27, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    Culture can be described as ones’ shared patterns of behavior. You don’t usually get the chance or choice to select which culture you want to have because its usually something you inherit. In dominican republic people are accustomed to eating dinner (a full meal) by 12. Usually here in New York i wake up at that time and i eat something smaller like a sandwich or bagel. People over there are extremely serious about everyone eating around the same time. For example, many people take their lunch breaks at 12 and this causes many stores to close down since the employees are eating dinner. Now that i have a much better understanding of this culture or as some may say my culture and I now have a clearly understanding of everything that occurs. In other words, nothing really seems weird to me anymore since i have traveled to Dominican Republic over 10 times in my life.

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