Ashley’s Cultural Probes Assignment

23 Dec

Day 1: Mugshot
Ashley, Mugshot, thesixteenproject

Day 2: Playlist
1. D.D/Dirty Diana – The Weeknd

2. Look what you’ve done – Drake

3. A Drop In The Ocean – Ron Pope

4. Dear No one – Tori Kelly

5. Lotus Flower Bomb – Wale

6. If Im In Love – Frank Ocean

7. This Woman’s Work – Maxwell

8. Thinking About You (Remix) – Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith

9. Party and BS in the USA – Biggie Smalls/Miley Cyrus

10. Superhero – The Weeknd

Day 3: ZzZzzZzzZ
Ashley's Bedroom
Day 4: You are what you eat (I ate dinner at alize’s house)
Day 5: Where’d your money go?
Day 6: What inspires you?
Day 7: Facebook Status
Day 8: Map


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