Taylor’s Cultural Probes

23 Dec


My Playlist

1. Against the Grain- Hudson

2. Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the People

3. What You Know- Two Door Cinema Club

4. When You Were Young- The Killers

5. Long Distance Call (cover)- Cameron Mitchell

6. Stereo Hearts- Gym Class Heros

7. Undercover Martyn- Two Door Cinema Club

8. Enchanted- Taylor Swift

9. Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

10. We Found Love- Rihanna

Map of My Day

Here is a map of a day I went to meet up with my friends.

Map of My Day


My tv and dresser

My desk

My desk chair

Pictures in my room

Pictures in my room

My closet

My chandelier

My bed

My mini-fridge

Facebook Status

Facebook Status

You are what you… eat?


Early Dinner/Late Lunch


What inspires me

What inspires me


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