Bora’s Cultural Probes

25 Dec


Photo 35


Everlong- Foofighters:

Tiny Dancer- Elton John:

The Reason- Hoobastank:

Californication- Red Hot Chili Peppers:

Annie’s Song- John Denver:

After Midnight- Blink 182:

Stay Together For The Kids- Blink 182:

Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus:

Sous Le Ciel De Paris- Edith Piaf:

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien- Edith Piaf:

Facebook Status:

Picture 1

Interview with my brother:

Me: What were you like when you were 16?

Andi: I guess you can say I was pretty rebellious but not on purpose, at the time I thought my actions were normal. I didn’t really care what anyone thought of my actions, I was too caught up in myself and really thought the world revolved around me.

Me: What privileges did you have?

Andi: It honestly didn’t matter to me because in the end, no one really influenced my decisions. I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, whether or not mom and dad liked it.

Me: What was your relationship with your family like?

Andi: We got along half the time, but the other half was spent arguing over my cutting class and making stupid choices.

Me: Tell me about something that happened to you when you were 16.

Andi: I remember when report card day came and my grades were horrible. I knew I was a smart kid and everyone around me knew it as well so I was too embarrassed to show mom and dad that I had let my intelligence go to waste. I took my report card home and made the changes I wanted; I made my grades higher and printed a new one. When mom and dad saw it, they were so proud of me, but deep down I knew I made a mistake because they were proud of my ability to lie to them really. When they decided to go to parent-teacher conferences, I knew they would find out about my false report- card, it went downhill from there.

Places checked in:

Picture 1.png

What I ate:









My Room:








Where does all my money go?


The ugliest map in the world:


My inspiration:

inspiration bora thesixteenproject

Coco Chanel is an inspiration to me because she broke the traditional forms of women’s clothes. She overcame poverty by working towards her dream. Chanel showed the world that simplicity and elegance are the two most important aspects of fashion, rather than the very overpowering and accessorized outfits women would put together. She used her talents to create basic forms of modern fashion.

I guess you can say fashion is one of my main interests and I didn’t choose chanel for the reason most people would think (because its a brand name), I chose it because there is a significant story behind the brand itself, symbolizing elegance and much more.

inspiration bora thesixteenproject

Edie Sedgwick is also an inspiration to me because her beauty was so rare; the only female in history that looked good in absolutely anything. She was a free-spirit who marched to the beat of her own drum, despite what society thought of her. Her vibrant personality led her to fame.


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