chloe’s cultural probes.

30 Dec

Day 1 (December 24th): You are what you eat.

Breakfast: Corn muffins with butter and jelly.

Dinner/Late x-mas eve lunch: Roasted ham, cranberry sauce, moro (rice with beans), salad, baked potato, cucumbers, croutons. Yum.

Bedtime snack: Ice-cream.

Day 2 (December 25th): ZZZ.

The overall look of my room– boring.

Some of my shoes.

The top of my dressers– my ring hand, jewelry box, beauty products, etc.

Day 3 (December 26th): Where did my $ go?

My receipts after doing some late X-mas shopping.

Day 4 (December 27th): My playlists.

1. Enchanted – J-cole feat. Omen

2. Thank me now – Drake

3. Intruder alert – Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green

4. Ransom – Drake & Wayne

5. F*ck Bitches, get money – Biggie feat. Lil Kim feat. Junior Mafia

6. Falsetto – The Dream

7.Mockingbird – Eminem

8. Spend some time – Eminem & company

9. And he gets the girl – Lupe Fiasco

10. The reading – Asher Roth

Day 5 (December 28th): What was it like?

For the lack of me being able to record my mother on Audio, I just wrote down our interview.

Me: What was it like when you were sixteen?

Mom: Not very different than what it’s like for you; parties, chores, schoolwork, friends.

Me: What things did you do that are similar to what we do?

Mom: I made stupid decisions, learned lessons. I made mistakes and learned from them. I think that is the purpose of that stage in life– what with your brain not being fully developed in the decision making part. You’re supposed to make those dumb mistakes now so later on in life, when it really counts, you won’t. All generations go through it.

Day 6 (December 29th): You are what you wear.

This is me heading out to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday.

Day 7 (December 29th): Where was I.

Map of my day, the first half (before heading to Zach’s) was spent with my mom.

Day 8 (December 30th): MY state of mind.

What inspires me? My little sisters, my mother, my father. My neighborhood, the old people who say good-morning on the street on your walk to the train. My friends, classes I take at school. The common homeless man on the train, everything about the city– from the garbage on the street, to the bright lights in Times Square. Music. People. That’s it.

Day 9 (December 31st): Facebook.

chloe cultural probes.


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