Ethnocentrism + MTV

1 Feb

After watching the Amanda-in-Kenya episode of MTV’s Exiled in class, let’s discuss that show in the context of this class. Draw on this episode, Christmas in the Kalahari, and Lia Lee’s story to discuss whether:

1) How might the show “Exiled” be offensive to the citizens of the developing countries the participants visit? What is the significance of”Exiled” visiting these countries instead of staying in the US?

2) How can we prevent, or counteract, ethnocentrism?

3) Is “Exiled” an effective way of changing the perspectives of folks who participate by introducing them to the “harsh realities” of the communities they visit? What message do you feel MTV was trying to communicate?

Respond to at least one prompt, due by Monday, February 4.


16 Responses to “Ethnocentrism + MTV”

  1. Brianna Trani February 1, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    I think “Exiled” is an effective way of changing the perspectives of folks who participate by introducing them to the “harsh realities” of communities they visit because its like taking them to a whole new world and putting them into it. Its like taking them out of their comfort zone and making them try new things.

  2. Kelsey Hank February 1, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    I think “Exiled” is an effective way of changing the perspectives of folks who participate by introducing them to the “harsh realities” of the communities they visit because it shows them what they have and what they should appreciate. The message that I feel MTV was trying to communicate is that we should be greatful for what we have and not take it for granted because there are other people out there in the world that have a much harder life than we do.

  3. Bryan February 1, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

    1) “Exiled” be offensive to the citizens of the developing countries because the people on the show act really spoiled and it offends the culture. For example, Amanda was acting like a spoiled brat and she offended Josephine.

    2) We can prevent enthnocenterism by actually being informed about what the culture is about and actually expeirencing what they do all day.

    3) I think “Exiled” is an effective way of changing the perspectives of folks who participate by introducing them to the “harsh realities” because it gives the person a view of something they never tried or experienced before.

  4. Hannah Nunez February 1, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    I don’t think that Amanda changed at all. I think that this was for the purpose of MTV and getting paid. I am pretty sure that after the first few days of being home, she turned right back into the spoiled brat that she was before.

  5. simeon February 1, 2013 at 2:20 pm #

    This show could be seen as offensive in the eyes of a third world citizen because it places emphasis on the lack of desire to lead their lifestyle. The aim is to put struggle into perspective for those who are foreign to it. The significance of visiting developing nations is that it highlights the quality of life differential, in the eyes of Americans, between American society and others.

    We can refrain from ethnocentrism by viewing the world with open eyes and not limiting ourselves to our bias.

    Yes, I feel like the experience would be worthwhile if taken seriously. The message promoted is that we should appreciate what we have.

  6. Kim Corona February 1, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    The show “Exiled” might be offensive to the citizens of those developing countries that those participants that visit because they might think that these people are making fun of their country by publishing it to the world and especially on a reality tv that’s produced by MTV. The significance of “Exiled” visiting countries instead of staying in the US is to show how life isn’t always that easy and that so many people suffer everyday and by doing that they send them to countries that many people suffer and have to face new challenges everyday of their lives. Rather then staying in the US where you still have contact with your family members and have access to clean water and food that you would normally eat. Many people have different opinions on what happened but I guess that’s how ethnocentrism works because everyone sees things in many different views not all of us see it the same way. I think the show “Exiled” is just one example of how it can change the perspective of developing countries to those who visit them because there’s other ways instead of being on a show you don’t have to film it with a whole camera crew following you. It would make more sense if you didn’t bring any electronics just simple things like a bottle of water, clothes and shoes and a small video camera to film yourself. You don’t need a whole crew following your every move. Then that way it can change the way they see what it really is like to live like one of those people who aren’t as fortunate as them. I think the message MTV was trying to communicate is that people can change on their views but I’m just still sketchy on how someone can change their perspective on something in just three days.

  7. Arber Rexha February 1, 2013 at 8:55 pm #

    1) I wouldn’t call it offending, but seeing how people would reject the other groups cultures would be offensive. Other than learning to be thankful, the significance is to learn how other cultures function and to try to adapt to them.

    2) In order to prevent ethnocentrism, we need to see other cultures and understand how there lives are different from others.

    3) I think “Exiled” is a little out of line, but it shows that it is necessary to change peoples views about themselves. I think MTV’s message was to not take life for granted and connecting to other cultures in order to see that there is more than you in your own life.

  8. Christian Ndoci February 2, 2013 at 1:33 pm #

    “Exiled” could be offensive to citizens in other countries because when people from this country go into a foreign country with no sense of the tradition and ways of living, they do the traditions of this country and the citizens could feel disrespected and offensive. “Exiled” visiting other countries other than staying in the U.S is very significant because the teens and spoiled people of this country get to know what it is like to live in other places with higher expectations of work.
    We could prevent ethnocentrism by being more prepared when entering other countries because others could feel disrespected. For example when Amanda went to Africa and complained all about how bad it was there, the people there felt offended and disrespected. Americans should be more prepared for what they are going to encounter in other countries.
    I think “Exiled” is somewhat of an effective way of showing the “harsh realities” because it shows them that life is not easy and not everything is done for you. But I do not thing it’s the best way because MTV is just telling them what to say and I don’t find the show so realistic because for example Amanda hated it and all of a sudden liked it the next day.

  9. kiara February 2, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    Exiled is in someways an effective way of changing the perspectives of folks who participate by introducing them to the “harsh realities” of the communities they visit. Even though I feel that they were sent to the most struggling country on purpose, the people do seem to learn their lessons. I feel that it is offensive to the developing countries because it makes them seem as if they are at the bottom and that spoiled people need to be sent to learn another culture as a punishment. It makes their country seem as if their culture and what they do for a living isn’t enough. In a way I feel that the message that MTV was trying to communicate was that some people need a reality check in order to be straightened out. However I felt that part of the message was that some people may have to be sent to a so called “struggling country” as a punishment in order to be taught a lesson which doesn’t seem okay at all.

  10. Noah Stupel February 2, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    1) It is offensive because it kind of makes fun of their way of life, by having some rich girl come to a developing country and learn how to be grateful for things. It kind of shows them in a bad light, like they are the ones who are weird, even though that is their culture. It is somewhat significant because it does show a little bit of their culture and how it is different then our culture. Staying in the United States doesn’t really show how people need to adapt to New Cultures.

    2) We can do that, by teaching people more about other cultures instead of being so obsessed with American culture. Also teaching more about other cultures in school, since that is where most people learn about that stuff. These are the good ways we can counter Ethnocentrism.

    -Noah Stupel =

  11. jaquelinh2013 February 3, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    1) The show ” Exiled” is in a way offensive to the citizens of the developing countries because when they send these people to spend a week in another country. They would most likely be presenting their country, and obviously they are not the best representation.
    In my mind I think Exile takes these kids to other countries instead of staying in the US, because this would give them a bigger realization on how lucky they really are and how grateful they should be on the life they live.

    2) In my point of view there’s is no way that we could actually prevent or counteract ethnocentrism.

    3) I feel like in some type of way they do change the perspectives of the kids but some of it already is sort of planned out. I think the message that MTV is trying to communicate is that one should always appreciate what we have and what is given to us.

  12. danielavelasquez February 3, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    Question #1: I think that the show “exiled” could be offensive to the people of the developing countries because they are shown as a “bad” place to be. When the teenagers find out that they have to go to these countries they look disgusted. They would not look this way if they were going to lets say Paris and so it is showing that these countries are not places that a lot of people want to go to. Once they are there they portray the people of of the countries and the countries themselves as a horrible place to be and that probably offends the people a lot because it is were they live and it is their culture. There is a big significance with “exiled” visiting these countries instead of other parts of the United States. Other places in the United States might be different from were these teens live but it is probably not going to change them. If someone is sent it to another country possible for the first time it is going to really take them out of their comfort zone and make them question their life. It is also significant because they can see a culture and a community that is COMPLETELY different from the one that they live in and that is bound to change them more than if they just go somewhere else in the country.

    Question #2: I think that it is hard to prevent or counteract ethnocentrism. I feel this way because people are always going to judge other countries and cultures based on their own values. Over time if people go out of their comfort zone and try new experiences then they might not judge other cultures but this takes time. If you go to another country and and you are asked to do something that you would never do at home then it is hard not to judge these ideas and actions. People just need to try and realize that cultures and countries might do things differently then you but that does not mean that what they do is wrong. We have to try and teach this although it does not mean that everyone is going to automatically stop judging others.

    Question #3: I feel that “exiled” can be an efective way of changing the perspectives of folks who participate by introducing them to the “harsh realities” of the communities they visit. I think that they are going to have some different opinions but it is not going to change them that much. I think that a week is just enough time for them to reallize that there are people that have to do a lot more than them but it is not enough time for them to fully change. When they go back home I think they are going to want to change some things about what they do but in reality I think that most of them stay almost the same person as when they left. I feel that MTV is trying to show that if you go out of your comfort zone and go to another countrie then you are going to realize how lucky you are at home and you are going to change the way you act. I infact don’t think this is true. MTV shows the positve ways that they change but they don’t really take time to show the long term effects of the trip on the lives of these teenagers. They make it seem like this is the most amazing thing that they can do and it is going to make them a much better person but that is not always true.

  13. Stefan February 3, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    Exiled is not an effective way of changing the perspective of the kids who go on the show because, they’re only staying with the family for 1 week. I think if they want a real reaction and a real change they should have the kids stay for a longer time, and the message I think MTV is trying to get across is to show these kids that they should cherish what they have.

  14. Kayla zinn Robinson February 4, 2013 at 8:50 am #

    The show “exiled” might be offensive to the citizens of the countries that the participants visit because when the participants visit the countries they aren’t used to the way that they function. In different countries they have different traditions and do things differently but that’s normal to them. When the participants of the shows come to their country and judge the citizens for what they think is normal, it might be offensive. The significance of the show being in other countries instead of the US May make it more interesting for people to watch because it is in another country and it seems to be more interesting and different then their country.

  15. Tianni February 4, 2013 at 11:34 am #

    This show may makes this country feel as if they are no good enough because they send a bad teen there to teach her a lesson, she make the country feel the things they do un natural or different.
    We can prevent ethnocentrism by respecting the way the country have been built and what they do everyday.
    3. What message MTV is trying to say is that in the United States has an easier life and we should be grateful and not take advantage of what we have.

  16. janil carbone February 8, 2013 at 1:44 pm #

    How can we prevent, or counteract, ethnocentrism?
    Ethnocentrism can be prevented , or counteracted by being more considerate of what is being said and done. For instance, a lot of our modern vocabulary uses things that are offensive to certain people and because of current stereotypes we are constantly hearing. Also shows like exile that choose to in a way bash these developing countries for their lack of luxury and in some peoples eyes, harsh way of living. I believe preventing ethnocentrism isn’t impossible but it is indeed a difficult task. It begins by educating everyone about other cultures and teach them how to not be judgmental towards them just like anyone would take offense if something was said about their way of living.

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