Dim Sum Film

13 Feb

Project Description:
I am so proud of you for eating chicken feet! Now that you have had your first ethnographic experience out in the field you are ready to create a 3-minute documentary about it! We will be screening your films in class on Friday, 2/14.

Converting Files:
iMovie is only compatible with .MP4 and .MOV file extensions. If your file is not compatible with iMovie, you will need to convert the footage using Zamzar.

Documentary Requirements:
Your documentary will be graded on film shots, editing and narration. Here are two examples on how to create a narrative for your documentary:

Example #1
During our Sixteen class we went out to explore culture in New York City as both anthropologists and ethnographers. Our journey began with Dim Sum at Jin Fong restaurant in Chinatown. Once inside, we were seated at a large table and I quickly noticed a pot of tea was placed on the table, which is a tradition passed down…

Example #2
Walking into Jing Fong restaurant I slowly approached a long stretch of mechanical steps that carried people up into a large room. Once inside the room I was escorted to a section of tables pointed out by a man wearing a yellow jacket. He guided me to a round object that was covered in a cloth like material. When I sat down I noticed a pot of hot liquid on the table, which was meant to be served and drank with my meal. The drink was made out of some sort of leaf that had a slightly minty taste.

Project Expectations:

  • Work with your partner on your assigned unfrozen computer
  • blue bear = frozen // red bear = unfrozen
  • Transfer your Dim Sum footage to your desktop
  • Import your footage into iMovie:
    • Create a “New Project”: iMovie > File > New Project
    • Import your Footage: File > Import > Movies > Desktop
    • Convert files to .Mov or .MP4 if necessary: www.zamzar.com
  • Work with your partner to edit your footage using iMovie
  • Your completed documentary should be 2-3 minutes
    • Create a storyboard for your film
    • Write out your narration
    • Include voiceovers, transitions and titles
  • Export to desktop // upload to vimeo // post to wordpress

Documentary Rubric
Your dim sum documentary will be graded on the following areas: narration, film shots, editing and storyboard.

A clear narrative is used in the introduction and throughout your film to explain footage, introduce main points and develop your story. Voice overs are clear (recorded with the sno-ball mic when possible) with minimal background noise.

All footage is edited in iMovie, film includes transitions between clips, titles are included and relate to the footage, and music is used to create an appropriate tone and establish mood within your final film.

Your final documentary is clearly outlined using a storyboard and includes narration.


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