Alma’s Cultural Probes

10 Apr

Introduction Post


An Empire State of Mind-I went riding and since I love horses, I figured this would be my picture. #1 most inspiring thing I can possibly photograph to date.
Riding in Florida

FB Places-I don’t really do anything on facebook especially post status updates, so I just took a screenshot of my whole page.
Screenshot :D

You are what you… eat?-My day in food :D.
Lunch :)

Where did your $ go?-I didn’t buy anything all week except a sprite sooo…..

You are what you… wear?-Me during a day in a Florida park.
My Outfit

Music Playlist-
1. A Thousand Years-Christina Perri
2. New Soul-Yael Naim
3. 1901-Phoenix
4. Only If For A Night-Florence+The Machine
5. Dark Star-Jaymes Young
6. Bad Moon Rising-Mourning Ritual
7. Uptown Girl-Billy Joel
8. Don’t Stop Me Now-Queen
9. All These Things That I’ve Done-The Killers
10. Long As I Can See The Light-Creedence Clearwater Revival

So, where were you today?-My travels to softball practice.
Map of my travels to softball and back


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