27 May

We’re going to take a look at a few documentaries that examine different subcultures:
Dungeons and Dragons:
Possibly related to sneakers:
Chain Camera:

Student Films:
Gleeks by Katya Kahl
Muslim Girls by Zineb and Nilufa

I encourage you to watch any/all of these and look for others on vimeo. As you watch them, think about what defines + distinguishes these subcultures as distinct communities, and consider how successfully these documentaries depict those communities. Record these notes in your google doc notebook.

By the end of class:
Reflect g on any or all of the films you watched today (in your class google doc notebook), and include any ideas you have at this point about what subculture you might want to document for your final project. Look at this list of subcultures on Wikipedia to generate some ideas.

Examples we discussed earlier include: punk, riot grrrl, goth, hardcore, hip-hop, skateboarding, graffiti, gaming, straight-edge, sneakerheads, k-pop, bronies, otaku, fandom, etc. Additionally: ethnic (Dominican, Chinese, etc), deaf, and other subcultures that aren’t specifically youth oriented.


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