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Thanksgiving david

1 Dec



game I was playing

Thansgiving day

I woke up it now 10:32

My cousin came to my apartment

I quickly open my computer and brush my teeth and wash my face

I eat some oatmeal at 10:39

I went back into my room and laid in my bed playing video game in my boxers

My cousin come in and start watch what I am doing

I didn’t like him being here so I try to get to leave by call him gay

I use google to proof my statement cause when I type in “Richard is, automatically the first one on the list is Richard is gay

what I did

He start going into a tantrum and laughing at his name. He then say I wish I was name something else

Then he had to leave cause his father had some busisness to do

I kept on playing until 12:36

I soon dress up and went out for a walk

As soon I make a turn on Bowery street, I see this white tent and bunch of people are lined up. It was at least half  a block long the line. It was a thanksgiving feast for the homeless.

I walk around chinatown for half a hour. It was boring day because it was raining,cold and did not  seem that festive at all.

I then wait at grand st to accompany my parent on their errand of buying groceries. My parent made me wore another jacket because I was dress to light for the weather.

I went home carrying the groceries while they have some business to do.

When I got home it was around 5:30

I then went back to playing video games

Shortly at 6:00 my cousin came again with her sister and the mother. to conclude my aunt and uncle and two cousin 1 being a girl despite her appearance and a boy

I then interview her on how she felt about it

After that is done I go back to playing video game ,While she go to another room and play pokemon on a DS

Shortly around 8:30 they left

I played video game until I slept

sorry due to technical difficulty the interview can not be uploaded


Thanksgiving as a Diaz :]

30 Nov

Granddad and I ❤

In my family, thanksgiving is about coming together as a family.
It’s a day when the entire family gets together to thank God for all the precious things he’s given us and all those to come. As an individual with tons of things i nmind we tend to lose touch with our family and loved ones, we’re also to busy to stop and be thankful for all the things we have and had.
I chose to display the picture above because it’s an example of coming together. The man in the picture is my granddad who i had a very long time without seeing.
During this thanksgiving break, my class and i were assigned a project as anthropologists to create an ethnography during thanksgiving day.
An ethnography seeks to describe all or part of the culture or life of a person, or a communtity, by identifying or describing the practices or beliefs of that person or community.
My Thanksgivng Ethnography Project was on my family and this is what i did:
– My family bought a birthday cake for me, since it was my bithday on Monday, and we took some pictures with it. 
– This year i wasn’t allowed in the kitchen while the women cooked but i did get some info on what my mother was cooking.
– I also got a bit of my loved ones on camera and the food.

Thanksgiving in the Galvez’s Home

30 Nov

Everything that is being said is in spanish; my mom started it off and tried to end it quick but then my oldest brother spoke, and lastly my god-brother. Overall, it’s our small thanks to God for the food & everything.

For all thanksgivings what is always expected is the following:
“Pernil” – Pork Shoulder with my mother’s homemade sauce
“Ensalada Mixta/Russa” – Potato Salad : potatoes, hard boiled eggs, carrots, beets, red onions + mayo & vinegar
“Aprepitas” – fried yuca/cassava like chips.
White rice
This year there was a bit more:
A different type of Potato Salada with : Sliced boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, boiled chayote & red onions
Bake Chicken

The Food

Part of the homemade sauce

The Shopping :

Ayana Thanksgiving

30 Nov

Moms Potato Salad

29 Nov

Ensalada Russa

5 papas sancochado

10 huevos sancochado

1/2 limon

4 cucharadas de Mayonessa

1/2 cucharada de aceite de oliva

Un poquito de cilantro

Sal al gusto 🙂

Miranda’s Thanksgiving

29 Nov

I choose this photo to represent my Thanksgiving because in my family my father does most of the work. He cleans around the house, sets the table, bakes the pies, and cook the turkey. My mom cooks the rest of the food, but during Thanksgiving day, my dad is working harder than her around the house, my mom is usually relaxing. I also choose this picture because as you can see there arn’t people in the background, or anything formal, my Thanksgiving is just with my immediate family.When documenting my familys Thanksgiving I took pictures of the event, interviewed my father, and collected artifacts off of facebook of my friends statuses.

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Kristen, Thanksgiving

29 Nov